September 19
Mix 96 Festival in Sacramanto

I love one-day events!

I'm just back from sunny Sacramento. Mix 96 radio sponsored a new kite event there and invited Tom McAlister of Highline Kites to organize it. Events included kite making for kids (with J.R. Tolman), sport kite competition (with $1500 in prize money), a Hot Tricks Shootout (where contestants go head-to-head demonstrating all the latest tricks and slack-line maneuvers), and of course a great single-line field.

Knowing Sacramento, we expected 90 hot degrees and heavy no-wind air. But it was a gracious, balmy afternoon with gentle (but gusty) breezes that kept the sky full all day. The Northern California Kite Club provided a free Bar-B-Que, drinks and snacks for all the fliers.

Sunday night, Tom took all the volunteers out to dinner. Anyone who went home early missed a good evening. The next day, I flew back to Oregon. Four days at home and its off to Burlington, Iowa for another fun fly!

The fun part of the Hot Tricks Shootout. was trying to decide whether the fliers were doing maneuvers or crashes. Kites spent more time on the ground then in the air. And since I had the microphone, I got to poke good natured fun at all of them.

Ron Despojado was the overall winner, upsetting Berkeley champion Brian Champe. Ron won two tickets to see Barry Manilow. No fooling!.

Big Flowforms were the preferred lifters of the day. We used 'em to launch tubes, flags, elephants, pillows, and even some GKPI Beach Balls

These aren't our beach balls. They are a slightly different design made by Rod and Cindy Thrall of Hillsboro Oregon. They also brought all these cool flags -- and about 200 pounds of metal posts to hold them up. Someday, the Tharalls will start going to festivals in an airplane and their packing habits will change.

Check out the new streamer flags we're having made. The fabric is ultra-lightweight and glistens in the sun. Each set is 75 feet long and includes six flags. We stock the rainbow but can make any color you like.

These are our big Super Pillows. They have twice the squares of our standard Pillows and cost twice the money. But they are definitely fun! We can have them custom made in any color you like.

This set was named Best Line Laundry of the festival and earned me two lunches at a Southern California restaurant that I will never see.

We also brought down our new Giant Octopus that was first flown at Long Beach in August. Anchored in the wind shadow of a big Oak, we first thought he was going to win the prize as best ground display. But once the breezes filled him up, "Big Red" filled the sky.

The new German Codys from Logo Kites are very sweet. This is one of the special gold/black laminated fabric models. It flew great!

As a late September special, we've decided to take $100 off the price and list it on our Factory Outlet page.

Here's a real ground display winner.

These three Hatas are all appliquéd and look like the result of a series of kite workshop programs. On the left is a Gibian design, on the right, a Jose Sainz reproduction, and in the center, an excellent Japanese motiff.

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