January 9
New SkyFoil Designs

For Spring 2000, GKPI plans to introduce a series of large lifters in a variety of sizes and designs. Here's the first installment.

Our "SkyFoil" flowform was designed to generate more lift, fly at a higher angle, and cost less then the popular Sutton series. The standard 85 square foot model has roughly the same sail area as a Sutton 125.(Remember that the Sutton is missing that big "notch" in the back so really has about 90 square feet of lifting surface.) We sell the plain sail SkyFoil for $450 or $900 with the full tube set.

Sky Foil and Snake Tails

Award winning kitemaker Kevin Shannon has provided us with three new sail patterns on the SkyFoil. They are called Stripes, Wedge, and Herringbone. Each is available in the 85 square foot model for $500 in your choice of colors. And for $950, we'll include three of our big tube tails -- either the Snakes or the Space Socks in matching colors. (Bought separately, the four piece set would cost $1250.)

We're taking delivery on the first of our new SkyFoils this week. Of course, its going to continue to rain in Oregon until August so it will take us a while to get some good photos. We won't be advertising these great new kites on our main page until late February. But for readers of the Update, you can order them now! Here's some illustrations to give you an idea of how the kites will look. Remember that you can vary the color placement to create your own design.

Stripes SkyFoil Wedge SkyFoil Herringbone SkyFoil

Special Note: Looking for an even bigger kite? We can now supply custom SkyFoils in the double-size 150 square foot model for $850. All sail designs are available. This is a big, hard pulling kite and special care in needed to fly it. But if you really want one, we'll get it for you.

In coming weeks, we'll also be previewing another new foil design, licensed by Kevin Shannon and produced in a convenient 30 square foot size. Stay tuned for details. And if you still want a Sutton, remember that we have the best prices on 125's, 252,s and 450's on the market.

GKPI wants to be *the* source for big lifters and cool laundry.

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