January 17
China Trip,
Another SkyFoil,
and WindBabies!

Wind Baby

We call them "Wind Babies! What do you think??

Our factory manager came up with this idea and wants to put them into production. Susie is skeptical. And me? Well, always being the practical sort, I said let's put them on the Factory Page and see what our favorite customers think...

"Babies" stand three feet tall and come in a variety of colors. They are completely inflatable. The pointed nose stands out from the face like the spike on one of our Madonna Wheels. Each piece also has a fun clown-style collar.

How could you not love a face like this??

If we were distributing these, the retail price would be between $35 and $40. But if you get in on our test marketing program, you can have 5 for $100.

If people see them, buy them, and like them, we'll make more. And if not, who knows? Maybe Wind Babies will become collector's editions...

Wind baby

Come to China with us!

We are definitely planning to go over to Weifang in April. This will be my 6th trip, although I haven't been for four years and don't know when I'll be going back. If you are interested in joining our "team", let me know. I'll be happy to fill you in on the details and costs. (Hint: Its less money then going to Pittsburgh for ten days.

Just to give you an idea, here's the itinerary we're planning:

  • We fly out of the USA on April 16, arriving in Shanghai on the 17th. We return home on the 28th.

  • I've planned two nights in Shanghai at the fantastic Peace Hotel. We have time for a riverboat trip, sightseeing, and an evening acrobatic show.

  • We fly to Weifang (nearby Quingdao actually) and do three-and-a-half days in the Kite City, including the big parade, fireworks, banquets, and kite factory. Oh yes, we attend the festival too.

  • We take a short train to Qufu (birthplace of Confucius) and stay in the best hotel in town. This is a new side-trip for me. Activities include a music and dance show, Confucius family mansions, and a horse-drawn carriage to Confucius Forest. Sounds cool!

  • Finally, we take the overnight train - soft berths (beds) in 4-person private cabins - to Beijing. We then have three full days to visit Tian'anmen Square, The Forbidden City, Great Wall, and Summer Palace. We'll enjoy a Peking Duck dinner banquet, and the Peking Opera.

Cost. You want to know the cost!

Ground costs are $100 per day. That includes 4 star hotels, three meals, all domestic transportation, guides, and entrance to all the historic sites. The airport tax, visa fee, and tips for the guide are the only thing not included. So all together, you are looking at $1100 per person.

I just booked my fight on United for $1334. Presuming your air tickets are in the same range, that's under $2500 for the whole deal.

For more information and photos, visit the International Travel section of my web page.

Disclaimer: I'm not a travel agent and this program is not operated on a "for-profit" basis. Travel to China involves some uncertainties. It's an adventure!! That's part of the fun! But if you don't like the toilets, you can't sue me...

New SkyFoil Design

Last week, I indroduced three new designs for our popular "SkyFoil" flowform. Those patterns have still not been promoted outside the Weekly Update. And now we have one more design to show you! We call this final pattern the "Diagonal Wedge".

Diagonal Wedge Sky Foil

Award winning kitemaker Kevin Shannon has provided us with these new sail patterns on the SkyFoil. Each is available in the 85 square foot model for $500 in your choice of colors. And for $950, we'll include three of our big tube tails -- either the Snakes or the Space Socks in matching colors. (Bought separately, the four piece set would cost $1250.)

Special Note: Looking for an even bigger kite? We can now supply custom SkyFoils in the double-size 150 square foot model for $850. All sail designs are available. This is a big, hard pulling kite and special care in needed to fly it. But if you really want one, we'll get it for you.

In coming weeks, we'll also be previewing another new foil design, licensed by Kevin Shannon and produced in a convenient 30 square foot size. Stay tuned for details. And if you still want a Sutton, remember that we have the best prices on 125's, 252,s and 450's on the market.

GKPI wants to be *the* source for big lifters and cool laundry.

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