January 23
New Peter Lynn Design and Line Laundry

Greetings from 37,000 feet! Susie and I are enroute to New Orleans for the Kite Trade Association annual convention. Check back with us next week and we'll have news and photos of all the newest and coolest stuff. Meanwhile, here's a few other tidbits that may interest you.

For the past few months, Kevin Shannon and I have been working on a new design which Peter Lynn has agreed to produce as a GKPI exclusive. The prototype is being shipped to us right now from New Zealand and has already been bought by Jack Rogers.

We call it the Squid.

I don't have any photos yet, but I think you get the idea from these design and color-planning illustrations. Squids are on the market now and cost roughly the same as a Trilobite. When you see one at your local festival and someone asks, you can tell them the whole story because you saw it here first.

giant squid

The other news is that we have two new pieces of line laundry on the way to us from our factory. Both were designed for GKPI by Frank Schweiman of Germany.

The first one we are calling the Spikey Ball. It has a black and white opening which leads to a large inflated ball covered with spikes. It looks like those old mines they used in World War II navy movies. At the back end of the ball is a long tapering tube which ends in another spike.

As soon as we get the prototype, we'll test it, take new pictures, and put it on our Laundry Pages. The price will be $99 in your choice of colors.

Our other new design is called the Crystal. It is similar to the Ball but each surface containes an elongated pyramid. It's hard to explain and the photo isn't too good. But trust me when I tell you that it's pretty cool.

Spikey Ball
Crystal Tube

Meanwhile we have a good supply of ten foot parachutes on hand. We've got warm (red/orange/yellow), cool (blue/green/purple), patriotic (red/white/blue), Chinese Rainbow (red/gold/green/white) and black and white (black/white of course).

We'll be landing soon in New Orleans. Remember, check back next week for news and photos. No telling waht we may discover here...

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