October 25
New Products and Discounts

Five festivals in five weeks is a bit much, even for me. it's good to be home, to catch up on business (and sleep) and to add some new products to our repertoire. Here's a few tidbits that might interest you.

Our popular Beach Balls are now available for both wholesale and retail purchase in rainbow colors. The price is the same as our standard tri-color. Incidentally, we can make the older style in any color combinations you like. Here's a photo of a red, white, and blue one we "doctored up".

Rainbow Balls Standard Balls

Speaking of Beach Balls. we just put a bunch of them on our Factory Outlet. These are brand new pieces, although the plastic bags the come in are a bit worn.

On the Factory, you will also find some of our cool Elephant Socks at a nice discount and a great Cody War Kite.

If you like our big Baskets, then check out our newest product.

We are tentatively calling them Parachutes. But if you can think of a better name, let us know.

Each parachute is ten feet tall and made in a distinctive "saw-tooth" pattern. The trailing edge is vented to reduce pull. So what you get is a big, colorful, rotating bol. And if you like, you can even choose the colors. Parachutes are priced at $250 each. Wholesale pricing is available to qualified vendors.

Standard Balls

Our other new product is a straight-forward, traditional striped Bol. This is the same kind of piece made famous by Mischelle Gressier in France or Team No Limit from Germany.

Striped Bols are more then 25 feet tall. The are very similar in construction to our Crowns but with a different fabric pattern. The other big difference is that they are priced lower -- $750 each.


Classic Pins

We also dug into our pin bag and came up with about seventy premium pins to sell. There are old classics and collectibles -- a full collection if someone wanted to pay that much. Come take a look at the Kite Pin Hotline.

So as you can see, we've been busy.

In November I'm scheduled to make a site visit to Langkawi, Malaysia, site of the World Sport Kite Championships next February. I am one of two AKA representatives on the Organizing Committee, the other four being from STACK in Europe and AJSKA in Japan. In addition to field considerations, we plan to resolve travel subsidies, judge selection, and performance schedules with our Malaysian hosts.

Next week, I'll chair my last telephone conference call meeting of the Kite Trade Association International Board of Directors. My term as president ends in January during the Convention and Trade Show in New Orleans.

I'm also getting a meeting together of the Organizing Committee for National Kite Month. Plans are unfolding for another great program in April, 2000. If you haven't planned at least one small fun fly for "NKM", please start thinking about it now.

And last night, I penned my latest column for KiteLife.com.

Stop back at GKPI soon for more news and notes from around our wonderful kiting world. Good Winds!!

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