February 14
Spikey Balls and the Squid!

Just in time for Valentine's Day -- here's our newest toy. We call it the Spikey Ball.

This cool piece of line laundry is about 12 feet long. It has a black and white opening which leads to a large inflated ball covered with spikes. The ball is about three feet in diameter and looks like those old mines they used in World War II navy movies. At the back end of the ball is a long tapering tube which ends in another spike.

New Spikey Balls

When we first told you we were making Spikey Balls, we said the price would be $99. We were wrong. We've decided they so cool that we are going to sell them for just $75 and make it up in volume. Call now and request your favorite colors. Or tell your local retailer to get some quick so you can check them out.

Here's the other surprise. It's our new giant Squid.

Concept by Gomberg and Shannon, design by Shannon, implementation by Peter Lynn.

We delivered the very first Squid to Jack Rogers at Madison. Jack flies lots of big kites, but he says this model is the best and most stable flier Peter makes. The size is *enormous*. In many ways, it is like a Trilobite and an Octopus connected together. The overall impact dwarfs even the Gecko with is now Peter's *second* largest kite.

Peter Lynn Squid

We'll admit that the colors on this first prototype were a bit unusual. But ask anyone at Kite On Ice how it looked on a cloudy day or at sunset and they will tell you that even in that spectacular field, it dominated the sky.

GKPI will be the exclusive distributor of Squids. Back in January, we published some color ideas in the Weekly Update. If you'd like to own #2, let us know.

Check back with us next week and we'll have news on a new series of Sky Foils.

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