November 1
London for New Years! / More New Products

Susie and I have been invited to London for New Years. Cool!

Chris Matheson has put together an enormous program right in the heart of the city. It is being promoted as the Macy's Parade in reverse. We put up huge displays and the public -- 2 million of them -- stroll by all day long.

Here's the amazing part. We're going to fly off the city's bridges and right over the River Thames. The display will be take place between Vauxhall and Tower Bridge. Informal bridge flying is a venerable tradition in London, but for the first time, the practice will have official sanctioning. We'll have launch boats and the bridges will actually be closed. We'll perform on December 31, and then settle in for the largest fireworks display in the history of the city.

Tower Bridge

We're very proud to be included in this incredible event and to have the opportunity to bring kiting to a new audience in what may be the biggest kite exhibition of the new year.

Sure, there's a good chance that we'll dump an octopus in the river, but think of the stories we'll bring home...

Here's another new product - Transition Tails.

These colorful flat tails have long been a favorite kiting accessory. You can hang them on your line or attach them to the kite. For more fun, hook them on a long pole and whirl them around. Kids love it!

We call them Transition Tails because the color emphasis changes across the length of the tail. This one starts our red with a black and white accent, then changes gradually to black, with a red and white accent. It makes a "transition". Get it??

Kevin Shannon has been making these tails in a 30 foot model, 3 inches wide, and selling them for $35. But now he has decided to turn production over to us.

The new tails are 48 feet long and four inches wide. Your cost is just $30 each. Ask what we have in stock or request your own color combinations. Make a personal transition!

Transition Tails
Transition Tails
Transition Tails

Cody War Kite

That's all the news for this week. Susie is on vacation with her mother and I'm here trying to keep business caught up and the animals fed. But to thank you for checking in, we'll offer this one-week Update Special: Buy one of our Extended Wing Ultralight Codys from Logo and we'll take $50 off the normal price. We have several in the eight foot versions in stock which are normally priced at $475 So until November 8, the price is $425. Call or email for colors.

That's all for now. Check back next week for more news.

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