February 21
Carlisle Sale - New SkyFoils - Spring Travel!

We've finally got some decent weather and I took photos of all the new SkyFoils. Maybe you have already seen them on our Lifter Page.

The big news is that in addition to the popular 85 square foot model, we will also be bringing in a 21 square foot version starting next month. The new "Mini" will measure 6 x 3.5 feet and cost between $200 and $250 depending on the style. We're taking advanced orders now.

Standard SkyFoil Striped SkyFoil Wedge SkyFoil Herringbone SkyFoil Diagonal Wedge SkyFoil

By-the-way, the minis look great with the 60 foot tubes... ;)

We are also continuing our sale on all Carlisle Kiteworks products we have in stock. Kevin is shifting his focus from "stock" products to custom and one-of-a-kind artworks. On our Factory Outlet Page we're offering 20% off on all of these great kites. But if you are a reader of our Weekly Updates, just ask for the "Update Bonus, and we'll deduct another 5%. That's right -- a total of 25% off.

Here's three examples -- We have the 7.5 foot Circle Stripes and Rainbow Triangles roks reduced from $250 to $175. We have both Circle Stripes and Freedom in the 5 foot size reduced from $150 to $105. And we have the 5 foot Battle Roks reduced from $100 to $75.

Circle Stripes and Freedom Rainbow Rok Battle Roks
Check out our Carlisle Kitewoks pages for more models and prices. If we have it in stock, you get 25% off.

Maybe we'll be flying near you this Spring. Our travel schedule is starting to shape up.

We'll be in Austin for the Zilker Park festival in March. In April, we are leading teams to Berck, France, and to Weifang, China. Then in May, we plan to visit Grand Haven. Michigan, and Wildwood, New Jersey.

Susie says that's enough for now, but if you have a good event planned, let us know. Maybe I can change her mind.

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