November 8
Madonna Bols / Kites in LAX / Cool Photos

We've been flying our Spiked Bols for years now. Finally -- *finally* -- we have started to produce them for sale!

The Germans who first designed them called these spinning bols "pickels' and "pimple wheels'. But we didn't think acne references sounded too good, so we named them "Madonnas" in reference to the wild outfits the singer was wearing at the time. Fashions have changed but our spinning Spiked Bols are still definite show-stoppers.

Spiked Madonna Bols

They are four foot bols with three rows of spikes. The heavy fabric takes a beating, and an elastic trailing edge helps maintain inflation in gusts. Use them as line laundry, drogues on a big lifter, or as ground bouncers. Singles look great, a matched pair looks better, and a string of half a dozen are awesome...

We can order any colors you like, but we recommend solids with black spikes. Your cost is $150 each or $275 a pair. Click on the photo for a better look.

Traveling through the Los Angeles Airport around New Year? GKPI is providing a series of imported kites for an international flying exhibit there.

Watch for some of them most whimsical creations by Martin Lester, Kevin Shannon, and Joel Scholz. Other special items include huge Japanese Rokkakus, a series of historic Cody Kites, Indian Fighters, and two large Hashimoto Bees. We'll even have a mid sized Peter Lynn octopus on display.

We're hoping this airport display will bring kiting to an enormous new audience. When your friends ask you about it, tell them you know the folks that put it all together.

Outerspace Octopus

You never really believed that these giant inflatable Octopus kites are being sewn in a small factory in New Zealand did you. Skully and Mulder know the truth. The truth is out there...

Rick Fiala sent me these fun photos of a big Octopus on a *really* long line. Finally, we found something that makes the kite look relatively small. Click on the photo for a better look. Thanks Rick!

That's all for now!

Susie is due back from her vacation with her mother on Tuesday. And Wednesday, I'm scheduled to fly out to Malaysia to inspect the site and finalize details on the World Sport kite Championship scheduled there in February. I received my Malaysia travel schedule Friday and discovered the tickets are only rated "stand-by". I'll go to LA for the connection anyway and hope to get on the flight. But don't tell Susie -- she'll have a fit!

The things I do for all you people! I'll have a full report and pictures next week. Wish me luck!!

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