November 22
New Shipment

After the whirlwind pace of the last few weeks, it's nice to have a few days at home to catch up. The big news for Thanksgiving week is the arrival of a big shipment from our factory, and another new product.

What's the new product??

You have seen our cool new Parachutes in the "saw-tooth" sail pattern. Now we have a double size model. It's nearly 20 feet in diameter and comes in a rainbow pattern with striped accents.

We find that the Parachutes are excellent light-wind bouncers. But don't take my word for it. We sent two samples to Jack Rogers. He says they inflate easier, stay inflated, and look great!

Meanwhile, you may see a slight problem with the photo of our prototype. We popped it up in 18 mph winds on the only dry day this week and promptly blew the back end loose. The trailing edge is being reinforced on our next order to improve their heavy wind performance.

The big Parachutes are available now for special order at $500 each.

Giant Parachute

Other items in our shipment included Transition Tails, Pillow Socks, Snake Tails, and Streamer Flags. If you need a quick fix or flying gift for the holidays, give us a shout.

And don't forget we have Elephants and Fish on sale in the Factory Outlet.

The other new prototype we just got in is called a Melon Tube. As soon as the rain and wind lets up a bit, I'll go down to the beach and get some photos for you...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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