November 21
New Stuff in the Works

There is a cold rain falling here in Oregon and the coastal wind is blowing it sideways. That makes it difficult to get some decent photos of our newest products.

No worries. We'll just settle down by the fireplace and preview a few designs for you here. And if the power doesn't blow out before I can upload it all, Update readers will be the first to see them...

Three new products are sitting in the workshop. The first one is called the "Thorn Ring" .

This is a great new piece of laundry by Charlie Watson of New Zealand. Charlie designed the 3-Leg Drogue and we are delighted to be producing some of his other creations under an exclusive license.

We tested the prototype of the Thorn back in Newport and have been waiting to introduce it at the KTA Show in January. We are making them in two sizes -- a 12 spike and a 24 spike. We can do either rainbow or a two or three color combination.

Thorn Ring

As you can see, they are wild and unique -- just what you'd expect from us! The Thorn-12 will retail for $150. We don't have pricing on the 24-Spike yet.

Granny Hat

Our second new product is also from Charlie. He calls it the "Granny Hat" .

Where do the Kiwis come up with these names?? The original name of the 3-Leg Drogue was "Horny Spinner". There is a long story about why we changed the name, but I digress...

The Hat is another wonderful spinner that can be used as either a drogue or line art. It has six long tapering tubes that we can make in rainbow or any color combination you like. We're planning to retail them for $85 each. And as soon as the weather clears, we promise a better picture.

In the meantime, I need a better name. What do you think?? "Rastofarian"?? "Shooting Star"?? I'll even settle for "Horny Spinner", but Granny Hat is just not going to sell here... Send me your suggestions, and if we choose your name, I'll give you a .... whatever we call it.

Our third new product is something we should have done years ago.

You are familiar with our Streamer Flags -- a six piece set of pennants which attach to the kiteline and create a wall of color. We're now making a 13-piece American Flag Streamer Set. It creates a patriotic impact 75 feet wide. That's a much larger flag than most kites can lift so we're pretty excited about the result.

The American Streamers will sell for $400.

American Flag Streamers

That's all for this week. Susie is stuffing turkey and her mom just called to ask if I wanted apple or pumpkin pie. I answered "yes".

Be thankful this week for all the joys that life offers. Susie and I are certainly thankful for all of you.

Holiday Sales Continue! Each week between now and Hanukkah, we're marking down one of our most popular products. For the next ten days, we're taking 20% off our best selling Mini Bear.

Order before December 1 and we'll sell you this great showpiece for just $320. Normally, they are $400. And if you like, we'll give you the discounted price now and ship later in December.

Mini Bear

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