November 26
American Flag Streamers

The rain let up for an hour yesterday and I got a chance to air-out the new American Flag Streamers.

This piece has a big presence in the sky.

There are, of course, 13 stripes -- each 75 feet long. If we had a flag that big, it would take a very powerful kite to lift it. But the streamer set weighs in at just 10 pounds, and in an 8 m.p.h. breeze, the Sutton 252 took them up with no trouble at all.

As you know, we are offering the sets now for $399 each. Click here for a short video of the flags in flight..

American Flag Streamers

American Flag Streamers

Launching a show like this creates a real rush as all the fabric lifts into the wind. We stopped a lot of beach traffic with this patriotic display. Remember that the stripes are attached to a webbing strap, but that we never fly off the webbing. Instead we connect it to the main flying line using small caribiners .

Five minutes after I took my pictures and pulled in the display, those dark clouds swung around behind me and drenched the beach. Fortunately, by then I was back in the car and headed for home.

So remember the "Granny Hat" from last week? It is a new piece designed by Charlie Watson. I said we needed a better name and asked for suggestions. Here are some that we received.

  • Jellyfish - but this one doesn't sting.
  • Jester's Hat or Jester's Drogue - A jester provides entertainment just like kiting
  • Hat O Six Tails - kinda kinky...
  • Medusa - The one with the snake hairdo.
  • Roots - as in tree or plant.
  • Squiggle - which is better than "spermie"...
  • Rastofarian - dreadlocks in the sky.
  • Shooting Star - with a romantic twist.
  • Horny Spinner - which was the original name of the Three Leg Drogues

Granny Hat

We'll decide the name soon.

Meanwhile, we invite you to vote for your favorite. Just remember that that this is an advisory vote only and that Susie gets the final say. (Think of it like voting in Florida.)

And whatever we call it, the price will be $85 in your choice of colors.

Check back next week for some great photos of Long Beach last August (when the sun was shining) and to see what else we put on sale. Thanks!

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