Happy New Year!
January 3

New Year

First update of the year and already I'm behind schedule! How did it get to be Thursday already??

For the past 27 years, Suzanne and Ken Conrad have hosted the "Protest the Bowls" New Year Kitefly on the shores of Puget Sound in Seattle. And in all that time, they tell me it has never been rained out.

What they didn't tell me is that occasionally, they get rained *on*. And this year was one of those times.

Wet New Year Smiles

OK, ok.... so it didn't actually rain hard. It was just a moist, drippy day, made worse by the fact that I forgot to bring a hat.

Damp and Drippy in Seattle Damp and Drippy in Seattle Damp and Drippy in Seattle

But there was a die-hard turnout of good folks who planted some banners and valiantly worked to pop kites into the still and drizzled air. Kiting is about the people anyway, right?? So we swapped stories, exchanged New Year hugs, and ate cookies. The cookies were awfully good too!

We are back home and hard at work getting ready for the Kite Trade Convention in just ten days. KTA will be in Clearwater Florida this year and I hear it is even snowing there now. Swell.

And here is one more tid-bit of news. Check back the first part of next week for an on-time Update with a really neat announcement about the new series of 30 and 50 square foot Parafoils we are introducing. They were designed for us by Kevin Shannon and are intended to fill an important niche in our inflatable repertoire.

See you then!

Ice Screws! Kites On Ice is just a few weeks away and anchors out on the cold field will be at a premium. Last year we discovered how convenient these ice screws were but were discouraged by the $40 pricetag. So we went out and found a wholesale source.

These are Omega Pacific screws, made of precision milled steel for strength, and fitted with a coffee-grinder knob for easy turning. We can get the 11, 17 or 22 centimeter size -- each for $25

Ice Screws

I'll be placing orders on January 10 so call me ASAP if you want a few. And remember to dress warm out there!

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