January 7
New Shannon Foils

Last week we hinted about the new kites we have in the design stages. See -- there are benefits to being an Update reader. You get the news first!

GKPI is pleased to introduce the new Shannon Foils.

This is a solid and stable parafoil design made from lightweight ripstop and featuring a large number of cells for a smooth form, one-piece keels for stability, and a self-adjusting cascade-bridle. The extra-long bridle lines stretch twice the length of the kite for an attractive waterfall that leads to the tow-point. This solid lifter also comes complete with a small "bucket" drogue.

High performance foils typically sell for $15-$20 per square foot, but we'll be offering Shannons for under $10 a foot.

The Shannon 30 - X Foil

The Shannon 30 is five by six feet. That's a manageable 30 square feet that is perfect for our sixty foot tubes and lifting other line art, but will not overpower you. The 30 is constructed with six keels, ten cells, and ten foot bridles.

We are planning a straight-forward "Striped" design made up of five colors. You can order Rainbows, Warms, Cools, or a Custom combination of your own choosing. We're also presenting the 30 in a unique pattern we're calling the "X-Foils" . This colorful design features two large rainbow triangles highlighted by a dramatic black X. Your cost is an affordable $280 on the Striped and $299 for the X. (Click on the photo above for anoter view.)

Striped Shannon 30 X-Foil 30

In addition to the 30, we are also planning a Shannon 36 and Shannon 50. These larger foils are designed with one more keel (7 total), twelve cells, and bridles up to 20 feet long. (Please note -- because of the extra width, these larger sizes have different graphics than the Shannon 30.)

You can get a larger Striped Foil with six panels instead of five, our popular Triangle design in horizontal, vertical, or custom, the eye-catching Herringbone in your choice of colors, or the exciting "Nines" (because it has nine colored sections and nine black triangles).

Larger Shannon Designs

Remember that a fifty square foot parafoil has a lot more lift than a flowform of similar size. These are great flying kites! We'll have prices on the larger Shannon Foils in the next few weeks, and one more surprise design.

GKPI is working hard to be the source for larger and unique foils, lifters and laundry!

Last call for Ice Screws! Kites On Ice is just days away and anchors out on the cold field will be at a premium. Last year we discovered how convenient these ice screws were but were discouraged by the $40 pricetag. So we went out and found a wholesale source.

These are Omega Pacific screws, made of precision milled steel for strength, and fitted with a coffee-grinder knob for easy turning. We can get the 11, 17 or 22 centimeter size -- each for $25

Ice Screws

I'll be placing orders on January 10 so call me ASAP if you want a few. And remember to dress warm out there!

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