December 13
Jim Rowlands Kites

GKPI is pleased to now be offering the classic animal inflatables of Jim Rowlands from England.

Each piece is 15 feet long and made from thirteen water-melon sized sections, each crafted from six colored wedges. We can make the tube in two colors (like the red and black one), or in a rainbow design (with six primary colors and black accents. The final section is finished off with three streamer tails.

Mellons are a great accent for mid or large sized kites. You can attach them to the line or use them as drogues. We're asking $85 each on these great new attractions

Mellon Tubes
Mellon Detail

Since Hanukah starts next week, we thought it was only fitting to offer some special discounts to those of you diligent enough to check our update.

We'll take 20% off the price of any kites from Carlisle Kiteworks that we currently have in stock and 15% off special orders. I can't guarantee that any new orders will be finished by mid-December, but we do have roks, genki, helix, rollers, chopsticks, and a super helix in stock. Call for colors and quantities. They won't last long.

More specials! We'll take 20% off Pillow Socks, Snake Tails, Space Socks, and Streamer Flags. We'll take 25% off the Giant Panda and Giant Elephant. We'll take 15% off all our Beach Balls, and we'll discount the Banners we have left a full 50%.

And don't forget we have select Balls, Elephants and Fish at roughly 30% off in the Factory Outlet.

Finally, we'll take 10% off the Extended Wings Codys we have in stock. Right now we have black with a red top sail and red with a black top sail in the 7.3 foot size.

This Hanukah Sale is ten days only and is limited to inventory on hand. And remember, we won't be advertising it outside the Update, so keep checking back...

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