January 28
The Incredible High Tech Kites of
Fridolin Anders
from Germany

It's easy to see why Fridolin Anders is gaining a following in the kite world.

With his clever designs and his straight-forward approach to complex construction problems, Fridolin has established himself as a true kite artist. Each piece is hand crafted by the master artisan himself and constructed from the most modern materials.

Fridolin Anders

We brought samples of the most dynamic of Frido's kites back from the trade show and plan to stock limited quantities of these unique pieces. Call for colors or special color requests.

Kites Shown Below:
Schiffe | Kreissage | Bobber | Mandala

The Kreissage:

Pronounced cry-say-ga, Kreissage means "circular saw". The three-dimensional wheel rotates in the wind to create a spectacular effect. Click here for a short movie.

The Kreissage The Kreissage The Kreissage

This is an impressive light-to-moderate wind kite that measures nearly seven feet tall and five feet wide. The rotating wheel is over three feet in diameter. All materials are 06 ounce polyester and Avia Sport Micro Carbon™ rod.

The Kreissage is sure to impress serious kites and delight spectators. You can own one for $375.

The Bobber

The Bobber:

It looks like some kind of weird flying saucer, but actually this great kite is patterned after a traditional fishing "bobber". Imagine the flat ring as the surface of the water and the colorful float ready to bounce when a fish nibbles.

This is an another light-to-moderate wind performer that measures nearly five feet in diameter and three feet tall. All materials are 06 ounce polyester and Avia Sport Micro Carbon™ rod.

See what you can catch with a flying Bobber for $375.

The Schiffe:

"Schiffe" is German for "ship. And with one look at this stunning creation, you can imagine the full rounded sail billowing over a sleek long hull.

All of Frido's kites fly in as little as 4 m.p.h. of wind. It measures five feet in width and over eight feet tall. All materials are 06 ounce polyester and Avia Sport Micro Carbon™ rod.

Come sail a Schiffe for $350.


The Mandela

The Mandela:

The Mandela is a cellular piece so finely balanced that you can bring it out and play "catch" when the wind drops off. Click here to see what I mean.

Each of the three intersecting circles is 3.5 feet in diameter. The intricate patchwork patter forms a star no matter which direction you are looking from. All materials are 06 ounce polyester and Avia Sport Micro Carbon™ rod.

Mandelas are available in a variety of colors for $225 each.

Response to our introductory sale on the Starburst has been great! And now we are pleased to announce that we've received the first shipment of our Shannon 30's and Pilot 75s.

We announced the new Shannon's at the beginning of January. They feature lightweight ripstop, a large number of cells for a smooth form, one-piece keels for stability, and a self-adjusting cascade-bridle.

The striped model sells for $280 in the thirty square foot size. We also have the sensational "X-Foils" model previewed in our January 7 Update for $299.

Check out more photos in out Big Lifter Pages.

Shannon 30 Stripe

The 75 square foot Pilots are quickly becoming known as the "no-brainer parafoil". They are solid, stable, and a cinch to fly. We've expanded the color offering so that each comes with a white top (for durability and brighter colors below), black keels (for strong accents) and a solid front color of your choosing. Right now I have a dramatic purple and a bright aqua.

To get these great new kites properly introduced, we'll reduce prices by 15% through February 5th. But you have to be an Update reader to get the discount and have to remember to ask for it!

We're off to Kites On Ice next week. But right now, it is colder in Oregon than in Wisconsin. So we're packing long underwear and our bathing suits. Check back for photos of the fly in about 8 days.

Early March, we have plans to be in Austin Texas and Yucca Valley California. Hope to see lots of you out there!

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