February 19
Guess Where I'm Spending Saturday Night!

So you want to be a globe-trotting, jet-setting, international kite star?? Let me tell you a bit about how it works...

Friday I picked up the mail and of course sorted it into personal, business, bills, and junk. A strange looking large envelope with an address I didn't recognize went into the junk pile. When I was done with the rest, I tore it open, and inside, found a sealed plastic bag. That irritated me a bit. If they want me to read their spam -- they need to make it easy to get to! I found scissors and cut the bag open.

Out fell an air ticket to Korea.

Susie groaned. Three months ago, I'd received an email asking if I'd like to attend an event in Seoul. I replied that the date was free and asked for more details. I got no response.

I wrote and gain and got no response. Then I wrote a third time and sent a fax to the number I had. A reply came back saying that the man I wanted was no longer at that address. So I wrote the whole thing off and forgot about it.

Forgot -- until that ticket landed on the counter.

Destination Seoul

So yes, I fly out at 6 am from Portland (on an Alaska Air flight operated by Horizon). I sit for five hours in Vancouver Canada. Then I board a Korean Air flight (operated by Canada Air). I still don't know who is meeting me or where I'm staying. But I'm carrying enough cash to pay for a good hotel for two nights if I need it!!

I arrive in Seoul at 5 pm Friday, fly kites for two days, and fly home on Monday morning. Eat your hearts out!!

Actually I'm really looking forward to the quick trip and spending a bit of time with old friends. I'm just glad nothing else was scheduled!

Meanwhile, the phone rang today and a man with a very strong accent asked if I got the package. "Yes! As a matter of fact I did!! " Then he asked, "Did you get two packages??". I started to worry again. "No -- just one". "That's ok", he replied. "We only sent one...."

You wonder how I get confused. And I still don't know if anyone is meeting me in Seoul!

Remember this photo of the Shannon thirty square foot parafoil? Once a kite has been taken to the beach, we can't sell it as new...

This is a great kite for $280, but for ten minutes of flying time, I'll take off $50 and sell it for $230.

Check out the Factory Outlet for all the news on mark-downs, discounts and deals.

Shannon 30 Stripe

Early March, we have plans to be in Austin Texas and Yucca Valley California. Hope to see lots of you out there -- if I make it home Monday....

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