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March 6

Susie and I went to Texas to warm up and get out of the rain. Not! It was *cold* there. The news people called it "bitter cold". Temperatures dropped into the low 40's with a wind chill driving the mercury down another 15-20 degrees. I was warmer at Kites On Ice!! But heck -- challenge is our creed. So in Austin, we savored the Thrill of the Chill!

Zilker Logo

I really love this festival in Zilker Park. It is the longest-running, continuous kite event in North America.

For 74 years, the Exchange Club of Austin has been celebrating children, families, and the arrival of Spring to Central Texas with a gathering that has changed remarkably little. Back in 1929, the contests included largest, smallest, most unusual, and strongest puller. And although the kite styles have changed, today those same contests are held and judged by the same rules.

Imagine parents coming to an event that they, themselves attended with their own parents years before.

GKPI gets a big field at the edge of the event to fly giant inflatables. This year, Al Sparling, Charlie Cullen, Chris Monck, and Richard Wells joined us out there to launch several huge piles of fabric into the brisk winds. We used four solid pick-ups and SUV's to hold everything down.

Last year we had a bit of trouble with "field integrity" -- kids and kites wandering onto the big kite field like it was an open range. But this year, organizers provided us with two security guards to keep the area safe and secure. I was worried at first when I noticed they were armed. I'd never had my field protected by armed guards before. But then I remembered that in Texas, everyone is armed.

Field Security Zilker Banners Triangle Shannon 50 Custom Starburst 24

We launched several large Peter Lynns and then brought out a new Shannon Foil Triangles in custom colors with a matching Starburst 24. Downfield, Eddie Zihlman and the EOL Team ran Bol Races.

Octopi Fugu Bol Races

The day warmed up and by the afternoon, we had fine winds and great flying. It wasn't actually warm, but it wasn't bitter cold either.

After stuffing everything into HUGE bags for the trip home, all the fliers went out for a fine social evening. I had the super-spicy Monterey Chicken and a piece of Peanut Butter Pie the size of Rhode Island.

Friday we fly out again -- this time for Yucca Valley California -- just outside of Palm Springs. It better not be cold there!!!

We've got Frank Schwiemann's Ghost Deltas in stock. That includes several of the pristine white ones, and a dramatic all-red one. Frank also sent us an unusual piece -- half black and half-white with a red keel.

Looking for something unusual?? We'll be seeing Frank at the beginning of April and can pick up special colors if you order now.

Ghost Deltas

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