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March 12
Fun Fly in Yucca Valley

A lot of people might have responded an invitation to visit Yucca Valley by reaching for a map. But not us! Susie's grandmother had lived there, just outside of Palm Springs, since the 1960's. So when the email came from the Parks and Recreation Department, we jumped at the chance.

Desert Panorama

There was snow on the ground when we pulled out of the driveway early Friday morning. But after a surprisingly cold visit to Texas the week before, we were really ready for some warm sun. And California didn't disappoint! The High School stadium provided the only grass we saw in town, and the backdrop was breath-taking.

Cat and Octo Turbine and Octo Two Octos

"Family Kite Day" was organized by the City and we were supposed to provide big kites in the center arena. But a small space and GUSTY winds made that a daunting task. Our kites went up, came down, and went back up again all day. The highlight was a late afternoon launching of the Gecko which needed a big Pilot and lots of coaxing to get off the ground.

Seal Beach Kite Club

Seal Beach Kite Club

Big Turbine

Lots of folks who stopped by had never seen really big kites before. But for me, what really made the event special was the participation of fliers from the Seal Beach Kite Club who made the long drive inland for the day. We're privileged to fly with them each October on the Southern California Coast. This time, they were putting on a show for a whole new crowd.

It was also gratifying to see the city support the event so strongly. The Parks Department helped supply children with kites, lined up a local radio station for a remote broadcast and on-site announcing, laid out all the arenas, and even had the mayor, dressed as Ben Franklin, out on the field with his own red, white, and blue eddy.

The only new piece we brought out was a custom Turbine, similar to a 90 foot Spinsock, that our factory put together for us. We've been talking to Catch the Wind about licensing a limited run of these diamond-patterned socks to go with our Crowns.

Oh -- did I mention that the fly only lasted from noon until five. Susie liked that!! She works twice as hard and then gets to sleep late the next day!!

We packed our big bags as the sun set over the mountains and then headed into town for a wonderful meal with friends. The next morning, we left flowers with family at the cemetery, and then headed to LA for the long security lines and short flight home. Back in Oregon, it was cold, blowing hard and raining sideways...

Now that we are flying a mid -sized Peter Lynn Cat, people keep asking when we will have the small size available.

The answer is that we have now received the prototype from New Zealand and have it being worked on at our Factory. We hope to have pieces available in about six weeks. If you want one of the first ones, let us know.

Mini Kitty

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