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March 18
Curses -- Foils Again!!

The sun broke through on Sunday afternoon and we headed for the beach with all our new foils. Then we posted all the details to our Big Lifter pages. Click on the photos below to see the results. These are *super* new kites!!!

Regular readers of the Update know what happens next. We've flown these kites for about five minutes each. But now we can't sell them as new. So for ten days -- until March 31 -- we'll take 15% off the listed price. And if the model you want is sold, then heck, we'll have to give you an unflown one for the same price...

Astute observes will also notice that we are now making pilots in a single solid color, a three-color (top/front/keels) and now a striped version (four stripes on the 50 and six stripes on the 75). You want it -- we'll get it done for you!

Shannon 30 X-Foil

Shannon Parafoil

Kevin Shannon has designed us a solid and stable parafoil made from lightweight ripstop and featuring a large number of cells for a smooth form, one-piece keels for stability, and a self-adjusting cascade-bridle. The extra-long bridle lines stretch twice the length of the kite for an attractive waterfall that leads to the tow-point. This solid lifter also comes complete with a small "bucket" drogue.

High performance foils typically sell for $15-$20 per square foot, but we'll be offering Shannons for under $10 a foot.

The Shannon 30 is five by six feet. That's a manageable 30 square feet that is perfect for our sixty foot tubes and lifting other line art, but will not overpower you. The 30 is constructed with six keels, ten cells, and ten foot bridles.

Want something bigger? Check out the Shannon 36 and Shannon 50. These larger foils are designed with one more keel (7 total), twelve cells, and bridles up to 20 feet long.

The Shannons excel in both design and graphics. We offer a straight-forward "Striped" pattern in rainbow, warms, cools, or a custom combination of your own choosing.

Want variety? Our popular Triangle design can be formatted with the triangles facing up or down, and with the colored bars in horizontal or vertical arrangements. And of course, you get to choose the colors.

We also offer the eye-catching Herringbone black and white with an off-setting primary color, or the exciting "Nines" -- so called because it has nine colored sections and nine black triangles.

Finally, we are pleased to present a unique pattern we're calling the "X-Foils" . This colorful design features two large rainbow triangles highlighted by a dramatic black X.

Click here to see some design options.

Remember that parafoils have a lot more lift than a flowform of similar size. These are great flying kites and excellent lifters!

    Shannon 30
    Shannon 36
    Shannon 50

Rainbow Stripe
Shannon Rainbow Stripe
Custom Stripe
Shannon Custom Stripe
Rainbow Triangles
Shannon Rainbow Triangles
Custom Triangles
Shannon Custom Triangles
Shannon Herringbone
Shannon 'Nines
Shannon X-Foil

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