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March 26
Weekend Off for Some Fun

Wow! So this is how real people travel!!

Susan and I are just back from a wedding in Central California. For the first time in years, we checked in without big dirty duffel bags that weigh 65 pounds each. Sometimes we have as many as five bags which means 300 pounds of gear and lots of strange looks from other passengers. (I tell them its my wife's make-up.) But this time -- all we had was a computer and one carry on. Woohoo!

Who got married?? Our good friends Peter Crane and Linda Underwood. Many of you know Linda as the organizer of Kites On Ice. Yes, she is re-locating to California -- proving that love and relationships really can win out over kites. But don't worry. "KOI" is in good hands and still on track for next year.

BTW -- the wedding was small, classy, and good fun. And poor Pete is now being very well organized.

Meanwhile, we need a deal of the week for you Update regulars. How about this....

Don't Work

I have these three seven foot spikey balls. They just came back to me because they DON'T WORK. We got some bad fabric in that is too porous and that means the balls don't stay inflated well. (No bad jokes please.) Anyway, they DON'T WORK. But they retail for $299 each, so I really hate to throw them away. But on the other hand, I can't sell them because they DON'T WORK.

So tell you what: After today, anyone that spends $250 or more, and mentions this Update, can have a $300 spikey ball for free! How's that for a good deal! Find a way to seal the fabric -- stuff them with Styrofoam peanuts, or use them as a weird kite bag. All I ask is that you spend $250, remember to ask, and that you enjoy, them. (Sorry, but making this offer retroactive to old purchases is just too complicated.)

Oh -- and we've solved the fabric problem so I'm certain that if we made any more of these balls, they WOULD WORK!

Meanwhile, I have a rare weekend off and then leave for France on the 4th. Remember that we have a lot of travel packed into April and that we won't be able to do any shipping the second half of the month.

See you out there!

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