December 13
Jim Rowlands Kites

GKPI is pleased to now be offering the classic aquatic inflatables of Jim Rowlands from England.

Check out the eight foot whale, the eight foot frog, and the super twenty-one foot Giant Frog. Smaller ones are available now, and the larger pieces can be special ordered in your choice of colors.

Rowlands Frog

For some time, we've been offering the same flying line we use at events for sale on our web site. Now we have added anchor straps, heavy caribiners, and hardware for attaching line laundry. Check out our Sampo ball bearing swivels and the economical Tuna Swivels we use to keep tubes untangled.

Sampo Swivels

Another shipment just came in from the factory and we've been shipping custom colored holiday orders out as quick as we can unpack and repack them. Meanwhile we have a good supply of ten foot

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