April 18
Off to Cape Town!

I originally wasn't going to post an Update this week. I mean after all, I wrote three of them from Berck in the past five days. But then I remembered that we leave for South Africa in a few hours and may not be able to make internet connections from down there. This might be the last anyone hears from me for a while...

The trip home from France was more exciting than expected. About three hours out over the Atlantic from Paris, one of the passengers decided to have a baby. (Sorry but no -- I don't have any photos.)

The Pilot comes on the intercom and explains that we are altering course for an emergency landing in London. That set us back five hours! I call Susie from the in-flight phone, she calls United to get me new connections, and I stumble into the house after midnight. Hope the kid turns out to be a kiter...

The next few weeks are going to be both wonderful and daunting. We're in Cape Town for a series of exhibitions culminating the Mental Health Flying Festival. We also plan to fly our Giant Penguin at the local penguin colony. That should make for some great photos!

Here is the part that may convince the Mental Health people to keep us. After a two-day flight, we return home at 8 pm on April 30. We then depart for Japan at 8 the next morning. So wish us well, and be patient trying to email us for the next few weeks. We'll be trying to make connections, but never know for sure.

Stars and Stripes

Meanwhile, here is some news about our latest Shannon Parafoil. The prototype of our Stars and Stripes edition arrived Tuesday and we haven't even been able to fly it yet. We promise better pics soon.

These are great looking kites! The 36 is six by six feet and the 50 is a big six-and-a-half feet tall and eight feet wide. They will be going for $325 and $425 respectively.

But email an order before we get home from Japan May 8, and we'll give you an "Introduction Discount" of 15%. That's *if* we get home.

Wish us luck! And watch for stories and photos of the adventure.

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