May 12
I'm So Hapi

Our final day in Kanazawa, we toured the castle, gardens and old town "pleasure quarter" before heading to the airport.

Kanazawa Castle

It was a fascinating experience to sit on the floor of a four hundred year old 'gentleman's club' and hear a moden Geisha explain how Edo merchants and lords could run up a $1500 tab in one night.

We're home from Japan and working hard to catch up with phone messages, emails, and shipments in and out. Thanks for your patience. It is unusual for us to have three overseas trips back-to-back.

We promised you Hapi Coats. The price is the same as you'd pay at my "Happi Outlet" near the Asaksa temple -- $60 each. (I get a bulk discount.) Here's what we have.

Happi Coats
Happi Coats
Happi Coats
Happi Coats

Happi Coats
Happi Coats
Happi Coats
Happi Coats

Happi Coats
Happi Coats
Happi Coats
Happi Coats

We've selected coats made from heavier cotton or linen and each is dyed rather than screen printed. These are the biggest we could find -- which is about a USA large. Sorry, but the Japanese don't make them bigger. And yes, larger photos are available. Email us if you want one.

We'll try to update this page as each coat is.

As for the message, I make no promises or translations. Ever see a Japanese tourist with a sweatshirt reading "Bob's Pizzaria" or something odd like that?? Well you'll get the same effect with one of these coats that might say something like "Yoshi's Sushi Palace". But no one at your next kite banquet will know the difference...

Shannon Stars and Stripes Castle

Meanwhile, we've just gotten some good pictures of the new Stars and Stripes Shannon Parafoil. This is a kite your friends will stand up and salute!

Check out all the new Shannons, and be sure to click on the link to "extra-long bridle lines" so you can see the kite in flight.

Grand Haven Michigan and then Wildwood are next. See you out there!

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