June 10
Two New Designs

With the April-May travel madness behind us, GKPI can begin to focus on new ideas and new designs. The weather was perfect over the weekend and I took two new pieces down to the beach for photos.

Racing Stripe Tubes: Sometimes more simple is more better... For years, our favorite display was a series of tubes in a bold color with a simple black-and-white accents. Susie says they look like racing stripes. Anyway, one day it occurred to us that we should be making them for you too.

Striped Tubes

Racing Stripes have five sections -- in any bold color you like. The sections are separated by three stripes. We usually make them black and white, but again can do any color you like.

The tube tapers down to a point in the final section.

We have the fifty-five footers for $75 and the dramatic 110 foot tubes for $175. And since a bunch of them look really cool, buy four and you get the fifth free! Meanwhile -- if you'd like our prototype red ones, we have one 3-piece set of each and will take 20% off.

Rainbow Spikey Balls: We're also trying a new color combination on our popular Spikey Balls. Us your imagination or match them up to your favorite kite. The price is still just $75 each.

Let your imagination run wild! Here's an example of an all-black with rainbow spikes. Remember -- custom colors don't cost anything extra and usually take about two weeks.

Rainbow and Black

We're planning on visiting Long Beach Washington, Kitty Hawk, Newport RI and Berkeley before the end of July. And next weekend -- I'm planning to work in the garden.... ;)

See you all soon!

Weekly Special: Imported Cody Kites

This August, Long Beach plans a mass ascension of Cody War Kites. You'll need a good one for this incredible show, and we've got just the thing!

The extended wing Cody with a top sail is the premier kite of its genre. As the name suggests, the sails are longer and the added third "deck" provides more stability as well as an opportunity to use a contrasting sail color.

Logo Codys are the best commercial kites we've encountered. This is the seven-and-a-half foot model which we sell for $390. But between now and the end of June, we'll sell you one for $299.

Extend Wing War Kite

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