June 24
New Custom Spinsocks

The original Spinsock was designed and produced by Catch the Wind about three miles from where we are now based. So we are particularly pleased that they have authorized us to make a custom "diamond pattern" of this classic piece of line art.

The standard Spinsock is made from six long horizontal stripes. We sell them in sizes from 12 feet to 90 feet. Spinsocks are the original "big stuff". Before Peter Lynn, before bols, baskets, and barrels, the ninety-foot spinsock was the way you impressed people with a big colorful inflated piece. And it still is!

Striped Spinsock

Diamond Spinsock Diamond Spinsock Diamond Spinsock

But now we are also producing larger Spinsocks in the dramatic diamond pattern that has been so effective in our giant Crowns.

  • We have a ten foot tall, fifty foot long model for $650.

  • We also have the thirteen foot tall and 80 foot long model for $1749.

Each piece is made-to-order and can be shipped to you in roughly two weeks. And since we make them ourselves, you get to choose the colors.

To help get the first few out there, we're announcing a 15% introductory discount through July 15.

In average winds, large socks like this can be lifted by a 125 or 252 Flowform, a Pilot 75, or one of our SkyFoil Lifters. Check them out on our Parafoil Pages.

When lifted off the ground, the piece rotates briskly in the wind. Of course, the day we went out to take photos, there was hardly any wind at all!

We also have one other new creation out this week. We've been asked to make the famous Peter Lynn "Piranha Drogue". It's a quirky little piece with all those sharp "teeth". But used in the proper application, it will add some real interest to your flying display.

We're producing Piranha in a two foot model for $18 and a five foot size for $50.

Don't get bitten!

 Piranha  Drogue

So that's the news this week. June is typically our relaxing and catch-up month. But come July, we're back on the road. We have stops planned in Long Beach, Washington; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina; Newport, Rhode Island; Berkeley, California; and Rehoboth, Delaware at the beginning of August. See you out there!!

We're being overrun with Octopusses. Or is it Octopi? Octopoda?? Anyway, we have a bunch of them.

The normal price on this Peter Lynn design is $400.But order an Octopus between now and July 4th and we'll take 15% off. And if you bought one at the regular price within the past two weeks -- call us and we'll give you a 15% refund.

Octo Sale

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