July 1
Japanese Garage Sale

Saturday morning I drove up to the Northwest Sport Kite Championships in Long Beach Washington. It had rained like stink here on the coast Friday, but the weekend weather broke through and provided a near perfect flying day.

I've been going to this June event for more than ten years -- usually as a judge and more recently as a big-kite flier. Long Beach has evolved into more than just a well-organized sport kite competition. A strong group of single-liners also show up to decorate the north side of the access road. So in many ways, it's a better show than some general festivals.

Long Beach Panorama

Fortunately for some of you, I came home Saturday night and spent Sunday cleaning out one of the storage closets. We have a number of wonderful Japanese kites that have been gathering dust. Better to share them with you than just leave them in our "treasure bags" indefinitely.

17 x 20

#1 $50

17 x 12

#2 $65

18 x 27

#3 $65

17 x 24

#4 $45

15 x 21

#5 $60

15 x 21

#6 $50

17 x 24

#7 $65

28 x 23

#8 $60

26 x 23

#9 $60

20 x 17

#10 $60

28 x 23

#11 $50

21 x 21

#12 $60

Each of these pieces is a hand-painted original on wahsi paper and bamboo frame. (Pass your cusor over each image to see the kite's size in inches.) The price shown does not include shipping and insurance.

Also, we still have about half-a-dozen Hapi Coats that we announced back in the May 12 "I'm So Hapi" Update. Click on any of these links if you want to see a larger and more clear image: Hapi #1, Hapi #2, Hapi #3, Hapi #5, Hapi #6, Hapi #7, Hapi #9, or Hapi #12. Prices are still $60 each.

So that's the news for this week. Next weekend Susie and I are off to Kitty Hawk North Carolina for the Wright Kite Festival. So if you see anyone moving furniture out of our house that weekend, get a license plate number, will ya.

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