July 17
A Three Kite Day in Newport

Big Kite Stack

Let me start by saying that the festival in Newport was wonderful.

It was a sunny smooth wind weekend that allowed us to fly three big kites of varied designs, without ever having to move anchors and relaunch or worry about maiming anyone. Sunday was a perfect Three Kite Day.

At one point, we lofted the Bear, Cat and Penguin from one common anchor point. Each kite helped support and steady the other and allowed me to stack them and maximize sail in the crowded flying space.

OK, OK, there were certain things that confused me.

For example, the banquet on Saturday was billed as a "Traditional New England Clam Bake". We stood in line, got a piece of dark bread on a paper plate, and then a woman with piercings and tattoos handed me what looked like a piece of panty hose that had been stuffed with rocks and vegetables and then boiled.

The next woman then plopped a lobster on top that had been alive just moments before, handed me a bowl of hot butter, and directed me to a table in an outdoor tent that had no lights.

Fortunately, my eyes are bad enough now that I'm used to untying knots without being able to see them. So I got my panty hose open and discovered the rocks were clams and the vegetables were vegetables and they were mixed with unidentified pieces of meat that were either hot dogs or fingers. The bread was soaked.

The most difficult part for Lobster Novices like us was dissecting the crustacean in the dark and feeling around to distinguish the meat from the brains. It was a wonderful Rhode Island cultural experience and I only wonder if it was the food or the lack of lights that made it "traditional". Either way, we laughed through the meal, enjoyed good company, and even found some good lobster...

Traditional Clam Bake
Actual Dinner Scene
click on photo to see
with flash illumination.

We make the trek to Newport each July because the festival is great, and the vista is fantastic. Brenton Point is a series of grassy fields nestled at the edge of the water between the historic mansions of the area, and the Newport sailing port.

Flying Fields Flying Fields

The festival includes a world-class sport kite event, rokkaku battle, indoor flying, fighter kites, art kites, big kites, auction, club displays, and some of the nicest folks you'd ever hope to meet. And dark or otherwise, we really did appreciate the meal.

Flying Fields Flying Fields Flying Fields

We arrived home about ten on Monday night. We have a weekend off and then head for Berkeley. August starts with Rehoboth Delaware, then Quincy Michigan, and then Long Beach Washington. Looks like a fun month!!

We're marking down our larger Pilot Parafoils this week. You won't find a better and more stable lifter.

The normal price on this Peter Lynn design is $325. But from now until the end of July, we'll take 10% off ($292.50), and if you order one we already have in-stock (red/white/blue - red/white/black - purple/white/black - yellow/white/black - rainbow) and we'll bump the discount to 20% ($260).

Pilot Sale

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