March 5
New Scholz - Cody Sale - New Laundry!

Check out the brand new kites from Joel Scholz and Sky Delight Kites.

We've got the incredible "Ichabod" Crane, the attention getting Pink "Floyd" the Flamingo, and "Lucy" Goosey the Canadian Goose. Each has an 11 foot wingspan, a graphite and fiberglass frame, and a wonderfully realistic appearance in the sky. All that's missing is the noise and the droppings.

Order one of these custom-made specialty kites now for $400.

Ichabod Crane

In April we will be in France and plan to pick-up a shipment of those exquisite Cody Kites you've been drooling over. I'll hand-carry them home, which means that I don't have to pay shipping. If I don't have to pay money -- you don't have to pay money. So if you order one now, we'll drop the price $50.

Here's what we've got access to.

In the 8 foot extended wing, we can get light blue, dark blue, beige, black, or violet with your choice of top sail colors. Your cost is $475 less $50 wich of course is $425. We can also get a wonderfully detailed Sauls Barrage kite with an 8 foot wingspan in black, violet or turquoise, each with red detailing. The price is $450, less $50 which is $400. And finally, we can get the 12 foot extended wing Cody in Beige for $800 less $100 which is $700.

This is a special sale, only announced on the Weekly Update. Supplies are limited so if you see a color you like, call us right away. And don't forget that we have a super discount on a beige Standard Wing on our Factory Outlet Page.

Two weeks ago we announced our new Mini SkyFoils in a convenient 21 square foot size in prices ranging from $200 to $250.

Standard SkyFoil Striped SkyFoil Wedge SkyFoil Herringbone SkyFoil Diagonal Wedge SkyFoil

Well, foils need laundry. So we have just introduced a smaller version of our Rainbow Space Socks. That means we now have Space Socks, Snake Tails, and Corkscrew Tails -- each in a 60 foot length that fits perfectly with a Mini and fill a lot of sky for a modest investment.

The tails are $99 each, but as you know, we offer a discount when you by a kite and three tails together. So how about we give you one tail free when you buy the package.

And remember, all GKPI products, custom colors are available at no extra charge.

Space Socks
Here's our weekely special (as if $50 off our Codys and discounts on foil and tail packags weren't enough). Buy one of our big Rainbow Fish Socks and we'll give you the second one for half price.

That's all for now. Check in next week for a report on our visit to the Zilker Kite Festival in Austin Texas.

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