July 23
Three New Products -- and a Surprise

Hey! We didn't travel last weekend. But we've got three new products loaded into the site and a bit of a surprise as well. And Thursday, we're off to the Bay Area for the Berkeley Kite Festival.

First the products.

Streamer Flag

Single Streamer Flag:

It is one long shimmering piece of fabric -- two feet wide at the top and tapering to a point seventy-five feet later. Each flag is equipped with two tabs at the top for easy attachment to a kite, line, flagpole or even the mast of your yacht. The end reinforcement pocket has been left open in case you need to insert a stiffener.

Streamer Flags are simple, dramatic, and efficient. They are available in any of the six primary colors for $35 each. Click on the photo for a different view.

Hefty Spike

Hefty Spikes:

One of our customer/friends called last week. He said he'd bought a pair of our anchor spikes but had been skeptical about the price until he saw them. "Awesome" he said...

We've now brought in a series of extra-large 'Hefty Spikes". The standard ones are 15 inches but these bigger anchors measure 24 inches long and weigh in at four pounds each. They are perfect for staking big kites on a grassy field. We're planning to sell them for $25 each.

Transition Tails
Transition Tails

Super Transition Tails:

Transition Tails have long been one of our most popular products. They are arty, inexpensive, and easy to use. The standard tail comes in a 48 foot length that gradually changes color from one end to the other.

Last week we were asked to make an extra-long "Tran Tail". We simply doubled the length and it turned out great! So we decided to offer Super Transitions as a stock item.

The new tails are 96 feet long and four inches wide. Your cost is just $55 each. Ask what we have in stock or request your own color combinations. Make a personal transition.

Richard Amirault just sent us this cool aerial photograph from the Newport Festival last week. It looks like he took it early in the day before the sky really filled up.

What is most interesting is the way it shows all three of our kites tethered to a single anchor-point. We've snapped the lifting loop from each piece into the flying line for the kite above. The Pilot above the bear is out of view.

Thanks Richard for a great shot!

Newport Aerial View

And now the surprise.

GKPI has just unveiled a complete line of powerkiting products. Of course, some would say that a 90 foot octopus or a 30 foot crown already constitute a bit of power. But the new stuff is multi-line and designed for traction. That means buggies and boards.

It isn't for everyone. But for those looking, we can get it. Take a peek so next time someone asks, you can tell them where the good stuff comes from. Gomberg Kite Productions - your full scope powerkiting source.

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