August 7
Busted in Rehoboth -- and New Stuff Too!

If Susie and I seem like we are dragging a bit this week, it is because we had way too much fun in Delaware over the weekend. Maybe it was the effort of setting up and taking down twice a day. Or maybe it was being out on the beach at 7 am each morning. Or maybe it was the good food, good wine, and good company.

When the invitation came in to fly kites on the beach in Rehoboth, we jumped at the chance. It is a beautiful area, just a few miles from where AKA will hold their convention this year. Bee and Rachel from Rehoboth Sport & Kite are great friends and we were anxious to spend some time with them. And of course, the trip sounded like fun.

Then we got the word -- the city doesn't allow kite flying on the beach from 10 am to 5 pm. Hmmmm.

It's not really a kite...

The plan was to show up early each day, fly from seven to ten. Take down - go play - and then come back at five to fly again. It was a good plan. Of course, knowing me as you do, you know I had to press the limits.

I had this idea in my head that a 60 foot inflated caterpillar wasn't really a kite so the city wouldn't mind. I also brought our giant spikey balls, 8-meter crowns, and a set of ten foot baskets for bol-running. The problem was that Rehoboth's City Manager had never heard of a Bernoulli Device and didn't really see the difference between ground bouncers and kites. Oh well.

Early the first day, we set up the giant bear, then the caterpillar, and then the penguin. We then settled back to enjoy the morning with local flier Allan Robb who had come in from Fairfax to join us. A few minutes after ten, the police arrived.

So it is ninety degrees, and we are surrounded with beach chairs and bikinis when we notice the officer trudging across the sand toward us. He was in full-uniform -- leather shoes, long pants, trooper hat, mirror glasses, and the outline of a bullet-proof vest beneath his shirt. And what troubled me most was that he wasn't perspiring.

The officer was polite, professional, and though he didn't show it, probably quite confused. We were not the typical kite-offenders. We had our own anchors so we weren't tied off to the boardwalk. We had proof of AKA insurance. We had taken pains to avoid problems, conflicts with beachgoers, and safety concerns. We obviously knew what we were doing. And the public seemed to love the kites. Except of course, that, as we explained, the caterpillar wasn't really a kite.

It's not really a kite...

The officer took notes, took names, and then took his leave -- for three hours. We enjoyed the best wind of the day, and then he returned. The city manager had asked him to ask us to take everything down. They had also delivered a copy of the kite ordinance to the local kite store (but not to us). No kiteflying on the beach between 10 and 5. No Bernoulli Devices either.

We were busted.

Life is a Beach

So we took down the show, packed it away, and went off to play. We had a ball! Each morning we would come out to challenge the morning breezes. Each evening we would return to play again. During the afternoon heat, we took boat rides on the bay, ate Maryland Crab on the deck, drove the coast in Bee's air conditioned car, and toured the exclusive, shaded Rehoboth neighborhoods. We flew a kite at the finish line for Rachel's 5K Run. (Despite all the evening fun, she still beat her best time!) We even tracked down our police officer on the boardwalk to shake his hand and share a laugh.

Rehoboth would be perfect for a big kite show. We need to organize one there next year -- starting at five and running until midnight. Seriously! Imagine all the monsters up there in the dusky glow of the boardwalk lamps!

But let's skip the mornings.... I'm still not convinced that Bee and Rachel didn't deliberately double-team us. One would keep us out late, and the other would pick us up early. But we had great fun and would go back in a minute!

So that is the news from Delaware. We're back in the office and working hard! This coming weekend I'll do a fun fly in Manzanita Oregon while Susie cleans house. Then we are off to Quincy Michigan, followed almost immediately by Long beach Washington.

A new shipment just arrived and with it are a few new designs. Check them out -- and enjoy!!

Bubble Tubes with Pilot 75

Bubble Tubes:

Our new Bubble Tubes are big, bouncy, and a great value too.

Each piece has an opening diameter of 12 inches and the bubbles stretch to two feet. We make a 17 foot three-ball model, and a huge 30 foot six-ball version. Click on the photo to get the full effect.

We're selling the 3-ball Bubble Tubes for $70 and the 6-ball for $120. Can't beat that!!

So squint at the photos and imagine your favorite colors. Red-and-white stripes with blue balls? Black and white with balls in red-orange-yellow-green- blue-purple?? Creativity doesn't cost extra at GKPI where custom colors take just two weeks. Grab some inflatable fun!

Bubble Tubes

Chain Windsock -- any length you want:

This is clearly one of the most unique and creative pieces of line-laundry available.

Each link is two feet long and one foot wide - fitting together in an open and three-dimensional format. And the price is just $10 per link with a three link minimum.

Tell use the colors you want and how many pieces, and we'll forge one right up for you.

Chain Windsock

Gomberg Kites is proud to present the distinctive Chain Windsock designed by Andrew Batchelor of the UK and manufactured under exclusive license. In fact, we are so happy -- we even got Susie and Anna to do the Chain Dance for you in Barcelona.

Colored Snake Tail Tails

Colored Snake Tails:

Don't forget that Snakes can be any color you want.

You don't have to use black-and-white. Mix things up any way you like or add extra colors. We can do red and white stripes with a blue end. We can do rainbow and black. We can even match your lifter kite.

The idea is to have fun and fill the sky.

Don't forget we're marking down our larger Pilot Parafoils. You won't find a better and more stable lifter.

The normal price on this Peter Lynn design is $325. But from now until August 10, we'll take 10% off ($292.50), and if you order one we already have in-stock (red/white/blue - red/white/black - purple/white/black - yellow/white/black - rainbow) and we'll bump the discount to 20% ($260).

Pilot Sale

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