August 12
She Really Likes It!

Manzanita Beach

So Saturday, I drove up to Manzanita to fly with a few friends here in Oregon.

Lots of Pokey-Things on a Line...

I popped a Pilot up and then proceeded to load the line with Pillows, Bubbles, Jellyfish, and Spikey Balls. Then I stepped back to admire the show.

A nice looking woman with two kids walked up, smiled, and said to me, "I really like your little Pokey-Thing".

The possible retorts to an opening like that stagger the imagination....

Filling a line with all kinds of laundry is sometimes more fun than wrestling with the big stuff. And it can certainly get as much attention. Of course the other benefit it that smaller pieces are easier to handle and pack.

I continue to be a believer in the carabiner wrap method of attaching anything to the line. When the line is slack, you can slide the "biner" anywhere you want. But when the kite goes up and tension builds on the line, the "biner" is locked in place.

Remember to ask us and we'll provide a free biner with each piece of laundry you buy.

Three Jellys.

The Manzanita Fly was a nice, comfortable afternoon. The local business association even set up a tent and offered free drinks and hot dogs to anyone with an AKA membership card. Obviously I liked that!

Beach Flags

We finished up the day with a pizza feed and then I got on the road for a two hour dive home. Woke up the next day in my own bed. What a concept for a Sunday morning!!

Next weekend we're off for Quincy Michigan for a new event. I'll try and keep my Pokey Thing from dragging on the ground....

We're still working on new stuff to fill your bags. This one is called the Spikey Ring. It is about seven feet tall and goes for $120. Good deal, huh? And of course you can get special colors. How do you think it would look in red and white stripes with black spikes??

Order any of the new pieces -- Bubbles, Chains, or Spiked Wheels, and we'll take 20% off through the end of August. The only catch is that you have to remember to ask for the lower price.

Spikey Rings

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