August 20
Quincy Hospitality

Bear Over Quincy

Susie and I are just back from the first "Kites Over Qincy" event in Central Michigan. Friday and Monday, it rained like stink. But the weekend was made for kite flying.

Its a good thing to see a community come together with town leadership, service clubs, and a majority of local businesses happy to see a new kite event and working hard to make it a success. The Village Manager had the fields mowed and rolled, and the entire local police department, 1.5 officers, was on hand in case there was any trouble.

It is a small town but big on enthusiasm. The local club boasts 150 members who fly together regularly. For their first event they had sport kite competitions, indoor flying, fighter kites, two teaching fields for Dyna Kite and Revolution, and a wide open single line area. Phil Broder of Iowa came to announce, Lam Hoac of Toronto performed, the Gordon Brothers of Chicago entertained, and the WindJammers of Detroit wowed. Jon Trennepohl kept the field events moving and organizer Jeff Friend of Kite and Flight ran around like crazy, limited only by the reach of his cordless microphone.

Flyin the Bear Kids Under the Penguin Little Kites Snagging Big Kites

Down on the big kite field, things were good but not perfect. Gusty winds spilling over the trees at the end of the filed meant everything was up and down all day, falling out of the sky without warning, and dragging around in the freshly-mowed turf. We worried constantly about kids wandering under the kites and about the remnants of bushes grabbing and tearing fabric or lines as the kites rolled around. Saturday we suffered about $700 in damages which means some good stuff will be on the Factory Outlet soon. Our other problem was that we needed to tend our anchors rather than visiting folks on the other fields where most of the fliers congregated.

Meals and post-flying gatherings were fun and we have no complaints about Michigan hospitality. We shared good times with plenty of good folks.

And then there was the afternoon we raced the length of the fields in our ATV loaners. Susie says we need one of these babies at every event to carry gear out to the field...


Thunder storms and heavy rains delayed the flights home and we finally rolled into Neotsu about dusk on Monday. Wednesday I'm heading for Long Beach.

We're staying busy and working hard to answer emails and return your calls even when we're on the road. See you out there somewhere.

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