September 18
A Sunny Weekend in Marseilles

I wrote last week's Update on the train from Dieppe to Paris. Susie and I got soaking wet leaving the flying field which made traveling a bit more fun. But I got the report done and loaded it into the site late Monday night. Too bad I didn't notice the programming error that kept 90% of my work from displaying. So if you saw a short report last week, go take another look!

Crowded Skies

Things are less formal in the South. From the rigidity of Dieppe, we went to relaxed fields in Marseilles. And those fields were as crowded as any I have ever flown on.

Any opening that would hold a kite was quickly gobbled up. But steady winds averted most disasters and the result was a spectacular show.

The event was perched on athletic fields at the edge of the city's best bathing beach -- David Plage. We never figured out whether this was a reflection on the looming Michaelangelo statue at the nearby intersection, or a huge compliment to my visit.

Kids kitemaking was scheduled for ten days and on the weekend, fliers from around the Mediterranean gathered. We had Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and a few more distant visitors like Britain, India, Brazil and Japan.

Crowds turned out each afternoon to watch the choreographed sport kite demos, the large show kites, and perhaps the bikinis on he beach.

Crowded Sidewalks

We had been invited perform in Marseilles last year but were scheduled to fly out the morning of September 11. We never made it to the airport. So we were particularly pleased to be invited again this year.

Marseilles Kites Marseilles Kites Marseilles Kites

Marseilles Kites Marseilles Kites Marseilles Kites Marseilles Kites

We enjoyed warm hospitality, smooth winds, and new friends. We saw interesting new kites and ate way too much.

Do you know your French literature?? Just off the Marseilles shoreline is the notorious Chateau D'If. on this windswept island, fort and dreary prison, Dummas fictionalized the escape of Edmond Dantes who then became the Count of Monte Cristo.

For eight Euros, a boat will take you out across the bay. We spend an afternoon viewing the dungeons and climbing the walls. Dantes had to swim ashore. We had to wait for the return ferry.

Chateau D'If

Banner Display

Saturday night featured an open-air banquet on the beach. We thought the hors dorves buffet was the meal and stuffed ourselves.

Young women performed dance routines on-stage and each time they appeared, the young men in the audience rushed to the front with their chairs. Then the entree was brought to the table and the buffet was replaced with desserts. The dancing wasn't good but we laughed under the stars. We finished after midnight with five empty wine bottles on the table.

Monday morning we returned to Paris with our friend Gerard Clement. Gerard drove; we slept.

Tuesday Morning early, my wristwatch alarm work me early. We dressed and went to the airport. United took us from Paris to San Francisco and then to Portland. From there it was a two hour drive to the house. Half an hour after I walked in the door, I was back in bed. The moment my head hit the pillow, my wristwatch alarm went off again....

Cellular Display

We'd been rained on in the North and sunburned in the South. And after twelve good days in France, we were home.

As most of you know, we deal with email daily while traveling wherever we are, we check messages, and even return phone calls from overseas. But still, plenty of business was backed up and needed our attention. So we are hard at it!

This weekend a regional kite festival comes to our small Oregon coastal community. Fifty friends from throughout the Northwest will be at the Gomberg House for dinner Saturday. Then we leave Thursday for a brief fly in Chicago before continuing on to the AKA convention in Maryland. It is a crazy and hectic live. But we wouldn't do it if we didn't love it....

Peter Lynn Kitty

We've got Cats in stock and Pilot Kites too! Why not mark them down??

The ten foot Cat is normally $400. The fifty square foot Pilots sell for $250. But between now and September 24, we'll take 20% off either. Supplies are limited.

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