September 29
My Kinda Town

Chicago Flying Field

Ahhh Chicago. The fly us in, they put us up on the 20th floor of the Palmer House Hilton, we fly for six hours at Mayor Daley's Kite Festival, and the next morning a white stretch limo takes us back to the airport. If we weren't on our way to Ocean City and the AKA Convention, we'd stay longer and shop…

Kite Babes

The flying field was directly outside the Museum of Science and Industry.

It is a difficult place to fly but a fine spot of a festival. Pat and Charlie Sotich help 1500 kids make kites. Al Sparling brings a Trilobite. Greg and Carrie Rasberry bring the awning. And Bob and Heidi Rymaszewski bring chairs. The wind comes off the lake and life is good. I don't even let the throng of kids bother me.

Inside the Museum is the Titanic Exhibit. We take half an hour for a complementary tour. There are recreations of staterooms, artifacts, and sections of the hull that you can touch. Amazing! At the beginning of the program, we are given tickets with the names of actual passengers. And the end we read the survivor list. Like Leonardo DiCaprio, I didn't make it…

So we're flying to Baltimore today and then driving on to Ocean City. It should be a grand convention with over 500 fliers in attendance. Check next week for photos and a report.

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