October 9
25th Annual AKA Convention

Samuri Gomberg

What an awesome week!! Awesome flying - awesome kites - awesome weather - and very awesome people!!

Rokkaku Mass Ascension

This was AKA's 25th Annual Convention and we returned to the site of our first gathering in Ocean City Maryland. Over 500 members turned out for near perfect flying conditions. The week included competition for sport kites, kite making, and fighter kites. We presented workshops on a variety of kite topics. We also had demonstrations of giant kite flying, kite buggies and kite surfing. And of course, we had lots and lots of fun!

Susan and I had a number of responsibilities that kept us running most of the time. I chaired the Board Meeting and the Annual Membership Meeting. I was lead auctioneer on Friday and MC of the banquet on Saturday. I facilitated the Sport Kite Symposium and presented a workshop on Rokkaku Fighting.

Big Kite Workshop Business Meeting Rokkaku Workshop

Susan was Hospitality Chair, coordinated registration, and Co-Chair of the Auction together with Al Sparling. Al, Susan and I also presented a workshop on flying Big Kites. We staffed our FlyMarket sales booth for three days. And we were even invited to light the Beach Bonfire Wednesday night.

And between all the assignments, there was plenty of laughing going on. One afternoon, a group of members donned dresses and blonde wigs. Spoofing the local Maryland Kite Society, they called themselves the Marylin Kite Society.

Pete Dolphin in drag?? Roger Chewning in pumps and smooth armpits?? Very scary! Click here for one more look.

Marylyn Kite Society

Conventions are always more about the people -- old friends and new ones - then they are about competitions, workshops, and banquets. As busy as things were, we still found time to hang-out and catch-up. There were parties and events every night. We just didn't bother to sleep all week...

Pete Dolphin Phil Broder, the Manekins, and Peter Lynn Four-Line Flying with Dennis Kucmerowski Mr and Mrs Modegi

For those of you interested, there were about 516 registrants in Ocean City including members from Japan, New Zealand, England, Italy and Canada. Twenty-two workshops were offered. The auction cleared $30,500.

Grand Champion Kite by Jose Sainz

Jose Sainz huge star was selected as the Grand Champion and also as Member's Choice.

Oh, and I won the rok battle...

All competition results and more photos are on the AKA web page. Most of the photos shown here are courtesy of AKA and taken by Chuck Sigal. But don't blame him for the Marylin shots. I did those myself.

Sunday we rose early to journey to Gettysburg and our first tour of the battlefield. Monday we flew home. We are beat! The tank is empty, the fumes are gone and we are coasting to a dead stop. And I'm not talking about the car...

It is Wednesday now. Tomorrow I fly to Dayton Ohio to view the site of Next Year's Convention. then Saturday I fly direct to Los Angles where I'll join Susie at the festival on Seal Beach. Somewhere along the way, I should reach 100,000 flight miles for the year. What a life. You know we wouldn't keep doing it if we didn't love it.

See you out there somewhere!!

Line Markers:

A big shipment of Markers just came in.

Each Streamer is about 25 feet long and has a piece of flying line threaded through a three inch wide shimmering piece of fabric. Use one at your anchor point so 'civilians' don't walk into your line, string several together instead of traditional flying lines, or use multiples tied to the same point for an interesting ground display.

For those of you who have been waiting, we'll be shipping this week. And for those of you who didn't jump the first time, here's another chance! You choose the colors and we'll do them for $10 each or 3 for $25.

Line Streamers
Thanks to Jim Martin
for the concept.

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