October 15
Dayton and Seal Beach:
One Weekend - Two Festivals!

Seal Beach Haze

Not content to hit just one festival in a weekend, Susie and I decided to stretch things and fly in both Dayton Ohio, and Seal Beach California this weekend. I flew out for Dayton on Thursday to view the site of next year's AKA convention and visit with friends at the Wright Patterson Kite Festival. Then Saturday afternoon, just before the wind arrived, I ran for the airport for a flight to Los Angles. Susie met me at the gate, having just arrived herself from Oregon, and we drove over to Seal Beach for a Sunday show.

Wright Patt Entrance

Dayton is going to be a killer convention next year. We'll be flying on 90 acres of mowed lawn right outside the Air Force Museum. The conference center at the Hope Hotel has 200 rooms set aside for us and plenty of space for meetings and workshops. Indoor flying will be in the Museum's enormous "Hall of Flight", right between the B-52 and the Stealth Bomber. Camping for RVs and tents will be allowed on the field, and we even have a 7000 foot runway set aside for buggies.

The convention next year is scheduled for September 30 to October 4. I want to thank the Wright Kite Club for their hospitality and encouraging me to come out for a visit. My only complaint is that the fry-bread sandwiches in the hotel bar were a bit too small. Click here to see what I mean.

This is our third year at Seal Beach, a picturesque community at the edge of a wide sandy Southern California beach. The event is sponsored by Up, Up and Away Kites, and the Japan Friendship Association.

Toki and Crane Edo Sainz Star Gomberg Bear and Ray Edo Art

This year, JR Tolman organized kitemaking for kids, Mikio Toki displayed traditional Edo craftsmanship, The Sundowners added to sport kite demos, and Jose Sainz brought his new Grand Champion kite. Winds were brisk, and despite the hazy skies, we put on one heck of a show.

Winds peaked at about three in the afternoon. Susie and I were downwind talking with friends when we heard Jose let out a holler. We had a giant ray and teddy bear secured with one well-buried sand anchor. But the anchor popped in the stronger winds and began to drag across the field.

Jose sprinted across the sand and tackled it like a defensive linebacker. But that only slowed the big kites down. Within moments, we had reached the anchor (and Jose), secured the situation, and dragged it all back into position. I added an extra anchor, and then asked Jose exactly what he had been doing with my wife out there in the sand...

Kite Flying is a Drag

We're back home again and unpacking new designs that just came in. Check back next week for photos of our new Torpedoes and 5-Leg Drogues. Use your imagination. Meanwhile, I need to talk to Susie. Every time Jose's name is mentioned, she smiles.....

Striped Tubes

Racing Stripe Tubes: These are the big, 110 foot tubes. We have three of them that normally go of $175 each. (That's $525 for three.) We've offered the set on the Factory Outlet for $400. But we want these gone, so the first Update reader that calls can have them for $350.

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