October 21
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blew!!!

We've got new stuff! Some of it is designs that you've been waiting for -- some of it is surprises at pleasantly low prices -- and some of it is completely new and original stuff unlike anything you have ever seen on a kite field before! I can't wait to hear what you think.

Regular readers know the drill on new designs. We want to get them out on flying fields where they can be seen. We want our favorite fliers to try them out. We want to make everyone else turn around and say, "Hey! What the heck is that and where did you get it!!". So order any of these new pieces between now and Halloween, and we'll take 20% off!

Mini Gecko

Something Old: Peter Lynn Mini Gecko:

The Lynn Gecko is one of our favorite kites. And it is now the latest piece that we have been licensed to put into GKPI production. Want the best news?? The price is dropping from $700 to $450!

Technically this is a "mini". But how can you call a 20 foot long kite small??

Watching this giant Peter Lynn lizard "climb" into the wind will amaze everyone. The tail and legs create a realistic motion in any breeze. Yes, it will fly alone, but we strongly recommend a lifter for added stability and flight angle.

We'll be stocking standard colors and can also make one to your personal specifications. The Gecko is a delightful 'must-have' kite. Just remember to tell your partner it was on sale...

Something New: The Incredible 5-Leg Drogue:

This is the best looking piece of spinning line art I've seen in a long time. I mean, we have some pretty cool stuff, but Charlie Watson down in New Zealand has out-done himself. Check out the video and see for yourself! This is a prefect piece for line decoration, hanging behind a kite, or displaying from a pole.

5 Leg Drogue 5 Leg Drogue 5 Leg Drogue

The 5-Leg Drogue is similar in concept to its 3-Leg cousin. The opening is about three feet wide and each leg is two feet deep. We are including a good Sampo ball-bearing swivel with each piece. Choose any combination of five colors and we'll make you one for $39.

Something Borrowed: Orca Whale Sock:

Here is a killer of a windsock. Killer -- killer whale -- get it??

You've probably seen these, or something like them, before. Orcas were being made by a company in Seattle. It was a great product and was selling for about $200. But they stopped making them.

One of our friends asked if we could do something similar. Of course we can!! But first we phoned the original manufacturer to make sure it was ok...

So here is something borrowed.

We've got a full-size Orca that will compliment any flying line or kite. Our whale socks are ten foot long and inflate through a web-reinforced mouth. The best part is how we have been able to reduce the price.

Each piece is $99 or you can get a pod of three for $250. Click on the lower photo to see a larger image.

BTW - we gave the first one to the fellow who brought us the idea...

Killer Whale Socks
Killer Whale Socks


Something Blew: And we don't even know what to call it!

Whoa! Check this out!! It is six feet long and looks like a colorful hot-dog with spikes except that it rotates and has an opening that looks like a mouth! It is another piece from Charlie Watson and we love it! The only problem is we don't know what to call the thing...

Charlie calls it a Rotosaurus -- kinda like a rotating prehistoric beast. We first thought of the name Torpedo, but now we're not sure. And someone else suggested Termite. But whatever you call it, we have two sizes -- a four-footer for $30 and a six-footer for $50.

So help us out with a name. We've even included one of our famous polls so you can vote! We'll make a final decision in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, just call and ask for a "What-cha-ma-call-it" in any colors you like. And remember that all four new designs are 20% off through the end of the month.

New Line Art
So what should we call it?
Ugh! I'll email something better!

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