November 5
A New Addition

Red Gecko

The DHL delivery guy always arrives here early. It is usually about 7 am when his van pulls into my driveway. But that always means another box from New Zealand.

Peter Lynn discovered a while back that there is a flat rate on overseas shipping for anything you can fit into a DHL Jumbo Carton. And since his kites are all fabric, there is nothing to break. He stuffs them in using a 20 ton hydraulic press. Then he straps the box shut and tapes the edges.

The first time I opened one, the ripstop began to ooze out like warm bread dough rising. I'd wanted to inspect the kite for the customer before sending it on. But now I just forward the package and let the new owner enjoy the experience of confronting a solid cube of polyester sailcloth. This week the box was for me and contained my new mid-size Red Gecko.

The giant kites are wonderful, but I've been wanting to add a few "middies" to the arsenal for a more varied show and ease of transport. The box came Monday and that afternoon, I went down to the beach for what will probably be the last decent flying day in months.

Mid Fugu Big Octo

People often ask about discounts on used kites. And the answer is that, yes, we do occasionally part with larger pieces at reduced prices. But that depends on the time of year, the travel schedule, the condition of the kite, and the ease of getting a replacement. Discounts range from 10% to 20%. So the good news is that larger kites retain their value; the bad news is that we don't have anything "cheap".

As luck would have it, we've got several brand new pieces in the warehouse right now that are available for similar discounts. Readers of the Factory Outlet have seen the Giant Aqua Octopus there for $3500. That's $500 off the list price. And now we also have a mid-sized Fugu. The list price is $1600 but we'll let it go for $1400. So here is your chance to get a new giant at used prices....

And what other news do we have on a chilly November morning??

  • It is election day and a fitting time to announce the results of our "Name the What-Cha-Ma-Callit" voting. The people have spoken and Rotosaurus is the clear winner! So Rotosaurus it is!!
  • I'm checking inventory and see we have a good supply of the 60 foot Snake and Corkscrew Tails I'll post them to the Factory later this week and mark them down 20%. Update readers get the news first!
  • We've just received the prototype on a larger model of our popular new 5-Leg Drogue. We don't have photos yet but it looks just like the smaller one. We'll be pricing them at $70

So that's all the news. We have no more trips scheduled until January, but you never know where we might turn-up anyway. Meanwhile, Susie is off for ten days on her annual mother-daughter holiday and I'm handling all the jobs in the office/home.

Wish me luck!

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