November 11
Knots to You!

Susie is still away, and somehow I'm managing to keep up with the phones, orders, packing, shipping, feeding and clothing myself... She'll be back from her annual Mother/Daughter Holiday next Sunday.

So with the rain falling sideways here in Oregon, I thought I'd take the opportunity to detail a couple of useful kite tricks. These are two handy knots that you can use for keeping your gear straight or displaying laundry on a line. You probably already know them, but

Prusik Knot

Prusik Knot: We usually use small carabiners for attaching laundry to a flying line. But the Prusik Knot is the next best thing. Originally intended for climbing, it is supposed to slip smoothly when loose and hold firm under a sideways load. To prevent slippage use an additional overhand knot in the loop to keep it from coming loose.

Chain Braid: Lots of bridles usually means lots of trouble unless you handle them right. Chain Braiding is the preferred solution.

This is a pretty simple process. And to undo it, you just pull on the loose end and everything pops free. But why is it that every time someone helps put my gear away, I can't undo their braid??

The answer is that everyone has a different way of finishing off the knot. Twisting it inside itself to open the "lock" is always confusing. I usually just leave things loose to minimize problems. And I should add that I really do appreciate all the help!

Chain Braid

Those of you who have helped me have probably also noted that with the really big Peter Lynn Giants, I don't braid the lines. I just stuff it all into the bag and keep track of the end. Then if I grab that end first when I pull the kite out next time, the bridles all come out clean as well. More simple is more better, I always say. But Chain Braids look nicer...

Meanwhile Susie and her Mom are on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise through the Panama Canal. Phones are unavailable and internet connections run fifty-cents a minute. So for two weeks, contact has been pretty minimal. But if you want to see something cool, check out the Panama Canal live camera at the Miraflores Locks. When she sailed through on Friday, I got to see her wave! Cool...

5 Leg Drogue

Larger Drogue: The response to our new 5 Leg Drogue has been great! It is a super piece and were really pleased to have it in the GKPI arsenal.

The original Drogue was three feet in diameter and cost $39. But we have now added a larger, five footer for $70.

Update readers know our tradition. We want people to see and fly new stuff so we mark it down. Order a larger 5-Leg in November and we'll take 20% off. Choose any colors you want!

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