November 18
New Logo Products Online!

Traditional Japanese Kite Festival

We've just created a new outlet for Gomberg Logo Products at You can shop there for tee shirts, hats, window stickers, coffee mugs, and tote bags. Or if you are a real supporter, check out the GKPI boxers... has a interesting program where you can create your own "store' by placing your images or logo on their products. Send them customers, they handle all production and shipping, and then send you money each month. You can even pay using your PayPal account. Pretty cool!

GKPI Tote GKPI Window Sticker GKPI Clothing

If you decide to create your own store, please remember to reference Gomberg Kites so that we get credit for recruiting you! Meanwhile, as a special incentive, if you buy a Window Sticker for $2.50, send us a picture of it on your car and we'll give you a $5 credit on your next kite or laundry purchase. And if you buy the Thong with our logo, and send us a photo of someone wearing that, we'll give you a $10 credit.

Remember, Check it out!! We'll be adding more products with kite images and messages soon.

Spikey ball Tube

Spikey Ball Sale: The Spikey Ball Tube has long been one of our most popular products. And with Hannukah just two weeks off, we decided to put them on sale.

Order any of the classic designs -- solid colors with black spikes, and we'll take 20% off the $75 price. That's right -- $60 each until the end of Hanukkah.

Heck -- at that price, you could buy one for each night!!

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