November 25
Susie's Annual Birthday Sale!

Our offices will be closed from December 9 to 14. I'm taking Susie on a 'surprise' trip for her birthday. Until we actually get on the plane, she won't know the destination.

So where would you take your wife if you had 750,000 frequent flier miles?? Check back in two weeks for the answer to *that* provocative question.

Meanwhile we're announcing our annual Susie's Birthday Sale. All GKPI manufactured products we have in stock are 20% off through December 6th. That gives us the weekend to pack for you before we fly out on Monday.

Here's your chance to pick up some big tubes, a Watermelon Sock, a Pilot, a Piranha Drogue, or one of the smaller Peter Lynns. I'll list some links below for all of our laundry just to refresh your memory. And we'll mark-down Windfeather Banners and Gomware Pullovers too!

Birthday Surprise

So email us to check on colors. If we need to order something special for you, we'll still take 10% off. And remember -- to get the discount, you have to remember to mention the "Birthday Surprise".

Rotating Line Art: Spikey Ring | Starburst Rings | Spiked "Madonna" Bols | Vented Baskets
Spikey Shapes and Pillows: Spikey Balls | Square Pillows | Triple Pillows | Spikey Bubbles
More Line Art: Five-Leg Drogue | Chain | Jellyfish | Melons | Bubble Tubes | Rotosaurus
Bols and Spinners: Gomberg Crowns | Striped Bols | Giant Rings | Spinsocks
Bouncers: Beach Balls | Baskets | Parachutes | Spiked "Madonna" Bols
Tubes: Racing Stripes | Space Socks | Snake & Corkscrew | Rainbow Tubes | Ad Tubes
Streamers: Rainbow Streamer Set | American Flag Streamers | Single Streamer
Animals: Humongous Elephants | Perky Pigs | Panda Bear | Giant Rodents | Killer Whale
Tails & Drogues: Transition Tails | Buckets | Fuzzy Tails | Three-Leg Drogue | Piranha Drogue
Kites: Pilot Parafoils | Peter Lynn Inflatables Banners: Windfeather Banners

And don't forget -- if you buy a $2.50 GKPI Window Sticker and send us a picture of it on your car, we'll give you a $5 credit on your next kite or laundry purchase. Check it out at

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