December 2
Pilot Refinements, a New Star,
and a Treat from Gosselin!

Pilot Refinements

We're constantly striving to make and implement improvements here at GKPI.

I'm convinced that the Pilot Parafoil is the best commercial lifter on the market for its price and size. And now the big Pilot 75 is even better.

Six months of flying have convinced us that the rectangular four-cell Pilot 50 is slightly more stable than the square six-cell Pilot 75. The solution?? We've scaled the rectangular kite up to seventy-five square feet and made you an even better lifter. Not that there is anything wrong with the old model...

Overall the size is now eight feet wide by ten feet long. It flies like it is pasted in the sky. And the price hasn't changed -- you can still pick one up for $325.

And if you mention it is Susie's Birthday, you can do even better...

New Design
New Design

New Design
Old Design

A Treat from Gosselin

Back in September, we were in Marseilles for a festival and got to chance to spend some quality time with Guy Gosselin -- one of the most talented miniature kite makers I've yet to meet. Here are two treasures I brought back from the trip.

Gosselin Kite

Gosselin Kite

Each of these kites is simply exquisite and would make a perfect holiday gift for someone special. We'll let them go for $125 each - the same price you would pay in France - complete with a display box. The only hitch is that we only have one of each.

Sorry -- #2 (the Star) is . Check out all the incredible miniatures from Guy in our Kitemasters Guild

Brand New -- Star Pillows!

Jim Martin down in North Carolina called up a few weeks ago and said "Hey Gomberg -- how about a Pillow in the shape of a Star!". Sounded cool to us! So just in time for Susie's Birthday Sale, we got a cool new Pillow Design.

Pillow Tubes have revolutionized the way the kite world looks at line laundry. The Star contains four big five-pointed sections - the first over three feet wide. They accordion out in the wind to improve the looks of almost any kite or flying line. Squint at the pic and imagine your favorite colors...

Your cost is $75 each and of course, through December 5th, you get 20% off on any custom orders.

Star Pillow

Keep those ideas and requests coming!! And don't forget -- everything we make is 20% off through December 5. The Monday after that, I take Susie off on her Surprise Birthday Trip. Call and get your orders in now!

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