March 20
New Shipments

We received three shipments this week and are fully stocked on Spikey Balls, Transition Tails, and Melon Tubes. Call us if there is anything you need.

The Spikey Balls are proving very popular and are available in your choice of colors. We are also experimenting with larger sizes (without the long end tube) and using them as ground bouncers. If it works, we will be offering them online soon.

Spikey Balls

Here's more news. In response to calls from customers, we have lenghthened our popular 20 foot tube tail and can now supply it in a 100 foot length. These are ideal tails for sport kite "sky writing". The cost is still $1 a foot -- so the longer unit is $100. If you prefer special colors, we can do that too.

We are fully stocked with rainbow SkyFoils in the 21 foot "Mini" and 85 foot "Lifter" series. They look super so you can expect to see a *lot* of them at festivals this Spring lifting all kinds of GKPI stuff into the air.

Rainbow Skyfoil

Other quick news flashes -- we have two new pieces of line laundry in development. Watch for the "three legged drogue" soon. We are test flying a larger model of the Sky Foil -- a 150 square foot "Giant". We'll air out the prototype in the skies over France at the beginning of April. And we are working on a proposal to offer Hagamman Parafoils online soon.

And now -- here's a special deal for Update readers -- Place a $200 order - and we'll give you small caribiners (great for ataching laundry to the line) for just $1 each.

You just have to remind us when you call...

That's all for now!

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