December 9
Another New Product Before We Go

That's it! Susie's Annual Birthday Sale ends today and Susie's Annual Birthday Trip begins. I'm squandering a wad of frequent flier miles to take her away and she doesn't even know where we're going yet. But if you check back in a week, I'll let you know all the details. Well, nearly all of them.

We'll be home late on the 14th which is still plenty of time to ship holiday orders. Shoot us an email or leave a phone message and we'll take care of you as soon as we unpack.

Meanwhile, we have something new to show you. It is a variation on Charlie Watson's Starburst and Jellyfish. We are calling it the SpinFlower.

The problem is that we have two different versions and don't know which to put into production. As you can see, the one on top has an open center, and the one below has a closed center. Which do *you* thinks looks better?

New Design

SpinFlower Design
Which SpinFlower design should we produce?
TOP Design
(open center)
(closed center)
I donīt really care

View current results

We've put together another survey so you can help us make these crucial, life-or-product-death decisions. Please take a moment and share your consumer logic with us.

BTW - if you are interested, we expect to be selling the SpinFlower for about $75. It contains a dozen "petals" and is roughly five feet in diameter.

Meanwhile we are off for some exotic destination. I'll be trying to check email but one of the challenges of international travel is never knowing whether you can make a connection. Ooops -- there was a hint.

Stay warm, drive careful, be safe and have fun! We'll be back in a week.

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