December 22
New Designs from Kevin

On the off-chance that you haven't looked in our KiteMaster's Guild lately, I wanted to alert you to a few new designs from Kevin Shannon. Kevin is a an award-winning craftsman who's meticulous attention to detail and flyability are legendary. Each kite is made to order so no, we don't stick them. But a Shannon is definitely worth the wait. Here are the new models and a few time-tested favorites.

Colorado Roller

Colorado Roller: Here's a dramatic Roller with a bold, original profile.

Rollers are excellent fliers. They handle like a rok, but have the added stability of a keeled delta. The result is lift, performance and stability.

The "Colorado" measures four-and-a-half feet tall and four feet wide. You can have one for $150 in any color combination.

Premium Rokkakus - New Designs and Lower Prices: You can fight them if you want to, but these kites are really made to fill the sky with color and beauty.

We've got the Rainbow Triangles, Freedom, Circle Stripes, and the Patriot Rok. All kites are available in either a five or seven-and-a-half foot version. They are edge bound for strength, and back-cut to allow the sunlight to illuminate the design.

You won't find a better built rokkaku. All are top values too -- $120 for the five foot and $250 for the seven-and-a-half foot.

Triangles and Freedom

Triangles and Freedom

Monster Rokkaku: Kevin has agreed to make us a BIG rokkaku. How big is it?? Eleven feet tall and nearly ten feet wide! Is that big enough?? Any of our standard designs can be made in the larger size.

The eleven foot Monster Rok is $500. If you are ready to dominate the field, give us a shout.

Battle Roks

Battle Rokkakus: When you are ready to move past deltas, definitely try one of these five foot rokkakus.

Our "battle" roks look great and have been specially designed for the rigors of kite fighting. But they are also steady, cost-effective "fun" kites too that are lightweight and easy to handle. Join the battle, or just relax and enjoy. Choose from "Solids" or "Stripes" in primary colors with black accents. Only $80 each.

The Totemo Genki: In Japan, when you ask people how they are doing, you ask if they are "genki". If they are doing well, the polite answer is "totemo genki!"

Totemo Genki Totemo Genki

You'll be doing great with one of these nine by three foot, tricolor Genkis. Choose either the geometric pattern or the free-form design. Like all of Carlisle's kites, they are fine fliers and a real crowd pleaser. Pleasing on the pocketbook too at only $200.

Carlisle Delta: Have you ever seen such a graphically pleasing delta? Simple but effective -- and a really super flier.

The Carlisle Delta measures eight wide and four high. The extended spine and loose trailing edge provide superior stability. And the price is only $130.

Carlisle Delta

Stacked Delta Conyne

"Stacked" Delta Conyne: Kevin took a first place with this compound delta conyne at the recent AKA convention. Now you can own it!

The kite (yes, it is one kite, althought the photo looks like two) is seven feet wide and five foot tall. It comes complete with a matching helix tail. The original is in red, black, and white, but other colors are available. The cost is $400. Kevin gets to keep the trophy.

Roller: There aren't many Rollers on the market in the USA. It's a shame too, because they are an interesting and useful addition to any kitebag.

A Roller handles like a rok, but has the added stability of a keeled delta. The result is lift, performance and stability.

If there were dozens of Rollers available, Carlisle's would be among the best. But there aren't others so one of these is a sure bet. They're four by four feet, and priced at only $120. Choose the unusual freeform "swirl" pattern or the striking geometric sail. They look great in the sky and like all of Kevin's kites, the craftsmanship is unparalleled.

Of course, whenever you fly it, people will want to know more about *your* Roller.

Free Form Roller
Geometric Roller

Rainbow Chopstick

Chopsticks: Here's the latest in low-aspect-ratio kite design.

These tall thin kites fly well in high winds and make a real impact in the sky. They measure a big 11 feet tall by 2 1/3 wide.

We've got two designs of Chopsticks, the Rainbow (shown) or the Art Deco Striped Chopstick for $250 each.

Planning on Madison, or Saint Placide, or just a bit of winter fun??

Sure, flying on a frozen lake in sub-zero temperature is crazy. But we do it anyway. And when we do, anchoring is even tougher than usual.

Ice screws carry a surprisingly heavy load. These are precision milled steel fitted with a "coffee-grinder" handle for easy turning. Choose from three lengths, small, medium, or long (11, 17 and 22 centimeters) for $34 each.

Ice Screws
Ice Screws

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