January 12
Surprises for the Trade Show

We are off today for Primm, Nevada, and the annual convention of the Kite Trade Association. We'll be back in a week with lots of news, photos, new products, and hopefully plenty of orders from your local kite store. Meanwhile we have a few announcements for you.


First of all, we need to finalize the design of our new SpinFlower. Several weeks ago we invited readers to vote on whether we should use an open or a closed center section. The overwhelming choice was closed. So that's what we did.

We are ready to take orders now in Rainbow or any other custom colors you want. The price on this four foot spinner is $75 each, and between now and the end of the month, we'll include a new-design-discount of 20% which brings the introductory price down to just $60.

Our second announcement is an enormous new streamer flag.

We're were asked to make up a special streamer to fit behind a Sutton 252. The result is our new Giant Streamer: -- 10 feet wide and 100 feet long! It's HUGE!

We're not stocking these monster streamers, but will be happy to make one up in any color combination you like. The cost is just $199 each. And again, order between now and the end of the month, and we'll include a 20% discount. That brings the introductory price down to $160.

Giant Streamer

Our third and final announcement borders on pre-mature. Normally we like to check prototyes before we start rumors about new products. But this one is too good to keep to ourselves.

Peter Lynn has authorized us to manufacture his line of mid-sized inflatables. That means the Octopus, Bear, Ray, Cat, and Gecko will soon be available at reduced prices. GKPI will still be able to order the Lynn-built kites, made in New Zealand. But we can also make them ourselves for you -- and reduce the cost by about 1/3.

Our first two arrivals will be the twenty-foot Bear and the forty-six foot Gecko. New Zealand Gecko are presently selling for $2100. We expect to be able to reduce that price to $1400 for the GKPI version. The original Bear is $1750. But our model will be $1200.

The first three Update readers that order will receive an extra $100 savings. And we'll start taking those order now!

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