February 10
World Kite Museum Weekend

I've just returned from a day-long retreat for directors of the World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame in Long Beach Washington. The Board is continuing their quest to raise $3.5 million to construct a new exhibit facility and kite conference center. I've been asked to serve as an honorary chair. The good news is that acreage, right on the beach, has already been donated.

Most of you know that the Long Beach facility is currently the only museum in North America dedicated to the art, science, and history of kiting. They are now in their tenth year. Altogether, the Museum has over 1500 pieces. The 400 Japanese kites they received from the Checkley Estate are considered the most complete collection of Japanese kites outside of Japan.

Current Museum

Japanese Rokkaku

Besides their outstanding kite collections, the Museum has extensive archival materials. The American Kitefliers Association houses their archives there. The Museum also has an extensive oral history program of cassettes and videos.

All this makes the World Kite Museum a major information source on kites from around the world. They re currently based in a four room cottage near the festival site in Long Beach.

For more information on the Museum, click here. Memberships are available for as little as $25 a year. And if you happen to hit the lottery this week and would like your name on the building.....

Meanwhile, we just received two stunning Chinese Dragon Kites. Update readers get first shot at them.

These are the mid-sized dragons with heads about the size of a soccer ball and a 25 foot long body. Craftsmanship is impressive with rotating eyes, full formed teeth, and lots of hand detailing. Each of the 40 cells features a Chinese Opera Mask which is unusual. The kite comes complete with line, winder, and a permanent storage box. You can own one of these treasures for $135. Click on the photo for a closer look.

Dragon Kite

On Thursday, Susie and I are off to Montreal for another ice fly at St. Placide. Sounds like this one will be much colder than Madison. We also have plans to visit Yucca Valley (California), Austin (Texas) and possibly Wilmington (North Carolina) before the end of March.

Airline travel is starting to get really crazy so wish us well. See you out there somewhere!!

Special Discount for Update Readers!

Our most popular line art design is the quirky Spikey Ball Tube. The usual price is $75 each, but through the end of February, we'll take 20% off and sell them for just $60. We'll also mark Triple Pillows down from $50 to $40.

Spikey Ball

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