April 1
Greetings from France!

Hello from the North Coast of France. We're in Berck sur Mer this week. Think of it as the Wildwood of Europe.

Our American Team includes Al Sparling, Sam and Ann Ritter, Phil Broder, Mike Shaw, Rod and Cindy Thrall, and the incomperable Pete Dolphin. Oh yes, I'm here too.

Pete and I have been coming to Berck for about eight years. Everyone else are newbies. But they seem to have shaken off the jet lag and quickly adapted to the festival routine. And if they hadn't there are nine fun-filed days to go.

I'm due out on the field soon so I'll just post a few photos. Besides, I don't want to userp the fine article Phil is preparing for the next KiteLife. Just remember to click on any thumbnail for a larger view. And don't be afraid to email me or call the office if you need something. I'm checking for mail twice a day and Susie is waiting by the phone for your call. Bon Jour!!

Here are some shots of the opening parade. We march through downtown with a police escort and a marching band. Dolphin is so relaxed he takes breakfast with him.

Kite Parade Dolphin Breakfast Kite Parade

Check out the opening ceremones. Dance programs were interspersed with the flying events all day long. Can you imagine something like this at the AKA convention??

Kite Dancers Kite Dancers

Here are a few shots of the kites I was flying on opening day.

Eagle Banners Spikey Bals Streamer Flags

And finaly, here's a shot of a few other kites including Sam's Rev Stack, the Italian Mermaid, and the Megabite.

Rev Stack Mermaid Megabite

Did I mention that Pete and I won the rok battle??

Anyway, I'll be back later in the week with more pictures. The event is ten days long and this was just the first few hours.

Talk soon!!!

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