February 24
New Pieces -- New Prices. Cool!

We just got some new stuff in to play with. And as luck would have it, the rain stopped Saturday and we were able to run down to the beach for a test fly. I think you are going to be impressed!

Diamond Tubes Diamond Tubes Diamond Tubes

Diamond Tubes:

Here is our best looking tube yet. The unique pattern is labor intensive but well worth the effort.

Each tube is made from four complimentary colors and contains over 100 pieces of fabric. We then finish each piece off with a tapered point in the final section. The result is a delightfully complex array of color in the sky.

Choose the convenient fifty-five footers for $75 or the incredible 110 foot Diamond Tubes for $140. Pick up a set of three and we'll knock off 10%.

Bear in the Air!

Our second piece of news for the week is the test flying of the GKPI Mid-sized Bear. As you know, Peter has authorized us to now make the mid-sized versions of his large inflatables. We flew the Gecko last week, and have the Bear, Ray and Cat in production.

This was the first time we've had the Bear out of the bag, and once again, you can't tell the copy from the original -- except for the price. He flies fine on his own and even better with a Pilot.

Making the kites ourselves drops the price about 1/3. That means we can get you a bear from New Zealand for $1750, or sell you the GKPI edition for $1200. We're taking orders now on all four designs.

Bearly There

Spar Insertion

Improvements to the Streamer Flag

Here's another bit of news. We updated the pocket-seam on our popular Streamer Flags so you can insert a rod or stiffener and hold it in place. Just fold back the seam, slide your spar in, and fold the seam back over. We don't provide spars because some fliers don't want them. But you have the option of flying your streamer soft or as a more rigid pennant.

We've also just introduced a half-sized Streamer, eighteen inches wide and thirty-five feel long, for just $19. And of course, you can also still get the stunning 75 footer for $35.

Star Pillows:

With a bit of sun on the beach, we finally got some decent shots of our new Pillow Tubes.

Pillows have revolutionized the way the kite world looks at line laundry and the Star is our latest development. They contains four big five-pointed sections - the first over three feet wide.

Star Pillow

Star Pillows accordion out in the wind to improve the looks of almost any kite or flying line. Your cost is $75 each and of course, GKPI *never* charges extra for custom colors. Because you read the Update, remind us when you call and through March 7, we'll take 20% off orders for any of our Pillow designs.

Striped Streamers

And finally, we thought we'd remind you about the new Striped "Sutton" Streamers we introduced last week. They are huge tails designed for the larger Flowforms. The big "252" model is 10x100 feet, and the smaller "125" is 7.5x75 feet. And the introductory price is just $159 and $99 respectively.

Giant Streamer

That's all the news for this week. And it's plenty!!

We're off to Austin next week for the 75th annual Zilker Park Kite Festival. Yee-Haw! And then we'll head down to a weekend fly at Yucca Valley in Southern California. See you out there somewhere!!

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